Thursday was quite the day for rapper Kanye West who now goes by Ye. Ye spent the day spewing his ridiculous antisemitic beliefs on Alex Jones’ ‘Infowars’ and in the evening was suspended from Twitter after posting his ‘new logo,’ which consisted of a swastika and Star of David merged. Ye must have anticipated that the logo would get his Twitter account suspended because he sent out one last tweet. Deciding to leave the app in a blaze of glory he wrote, “I caught this guy with Kim,” with a photo of NBA star Chris Paul underneath.

Even Twitter owner, Elon Musk, weighed in on the situation, saying “I tried my best. Despite that, he again violated our rule against incitement to violence. Account will be suspended.”

See Ye’s night of banned tweets below:


  1. Looking for limelight. He will wish he wasn’t! He claims he not ill. Take a long hard look at yourself Kanye, your losing everything!

  2. The Swastika is an ancient symbol predating Hitler’s Third Reich by centuries. It’s earliest known origin is Mesopotamia and has been known to be used by many popular religions and spiritual mythology, most commonly meaning “prosperity and well being”. It has been used in by the Navajo culture in spiritual patterns representing the daily cycle of the Sun, in Scandinavian culture representing Thor’s hammer, and still used in India today in Hindu and Buddhist religious script. It would not be unusual to see variations in Christian or Hebrew patterns or script as well. It has been incorporated with many other traditional cultural symbols as well, such as seen here with the Star of David, however, the most common religious and cultural configurations show the arms of the Swastika pointing counterclockwise instead of clockwise, but not always. The most notorious use of the Swastika was by Hitler’s Third Reich, as the official symbol of the NAZI Party and the Third Reich, emblazoned on a shield carried by an Eagle, the national symbol of Germany, and is now and probably forever will be associated with the war atrocities of Hitler’s Germany of World War Two. The majority of world citizens now interpret the Swastika as a symbol of hate, discrimination, racism, oppression; essentially everything bad that man is capable of.

    1. Simple. It came from the devil in ancient times. Probably before Noah’s flood in the old world that God destroyed with a flood.

    2. The democrat donkey represents far worse evil. 70 million plus innocent babies murdered by the vile satanic democrats!

  3. There are many evil Jews in the world like George Sorros that have sold out the real “chosen people” just as did Judas Two Thousand Years ago—many bad jews, yes—but there are all sorts of bad people in the world–Atheists like George Sorryass that do not believe in GOD–just gold—They are from the devil (the fallen angel) and will get their reward whereas good GOD loving Jews will inherit Heaven and everlasting life because of CHRIST.

  4. That symbol West is using is nothing new. In the past, it was used by the old Rael U.F.O. cult in the 1980s and 1990s. They modified it after an outcry about it.

  5. I find the democrat donkey and democrats far more offensive than some stupid childish doodle from a psychotic idiot like Kanye West.

  6. That was not a Nazi Swastika . It was not even a Swastika but in quick time people don’t have the time to go to the internet and find out what that is. As for Elon it was probably the Mossad guy hosing off Musk picture that was the last piss off for Elon. Having said that now The Raelian Pendant along with Raelism is on Wikipedia and it is not what people claim . As for Musk he should give Kanye Ye West a thirty day ban and tell him that if he jerks around Elon again it’s a sixty day ban. But then let YE back on the platform because Elon needs back up when Apple and the ADL come to bend Elon over . So Elon needs us . Elon is the richest of us but he is all alone without allies and he needs allies in big numbers to dogpile the ones who come to hurt Elon and us all. So Kanye is in the fox hole with us and like him or not Elon needs him to.

  7. Jewish orgs decide that the Nazis are the most evil group in history and that Jews were there only victim and this narrative may not be challenged.

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