The White House Late Afternoon // Photo by Christopher O'Neil

In a well-deserved move for transparency, the House Oversight Committee is stepping up to the plate to probe a shocking incident that unfolded at the White House over the weekend. This comes in the wake of the startling discovery of cocaine in the revered West Wing, an incident that leaves many unanswered questions about the integrity of security procedures at the White House.

It’s reassuring to see the committee assert its congressional power to oversee security matters. After all, they’re the ones who grant funding for the security protocols the Secret Service implements. The forthcoming briefing from the Secret Service, although independent of the committee’s other investigations, is a necessary step towards holding those responsible accountable.

However, the fact that this occurred under the Biden administration, with cocaine found right in the West Wing while the President and his family were out of town, raises eyebrows. It’s unsettling to think about what substances or potential threats could infiltrate what should be one of the most secure buildings in the nation.

Adding to the intrigue, there appears to be a contradiction in the details regarding the location of the find. The White House claims the cocaine was discovered in a part of the West Wing open to tourists, contrary to initial reports of it being found in the library. This inconsistency only adds to the urgent need for clarity and reassurance.

Thank goodness for the House GOP’s diligence. Their commitment to safeguarding our nation’s institutions is commendable. One can’t help but hope for a swift resolution to this shocking security breach and the emergence of a tightened and foolproof security protocol at the White House. The American people deserve nothing less.


  1. so how does one get through the security into the White House with a bunch of blow without being detected. Is the White House Secuity that lame so that anyone can bring anything they want in! or is the democrat party so corrupt that this is how they operate in the broad daylight while they destroy America for the money they get from china.

  2. Anything for an investigation. The SS is already investigaing, but no Biden was at the WH last weekend.

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