Photo edit of the CPAC logo and "Sound of Freedom Logo:" Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Pop Acta.
Photo edit of the CPAC logo and "Sound of Freedom Logo:" Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Pop Acta.

In a triumphant victory for CPAC and its dedicated faith-based promoters, “Sound of Freedom,” a captivating film based on a true story of saving children from ruthless human traffickers, has taken the nation’s theaters by storm on Independence Day. Boasting a remarkable opening-day success, the cinematic masterpiece is rapidly becoming a catalyst for change, generating a groundswell of support against this abhorrent international crime.

With a projected earning of an astounding $14.5 million, “Sound of Freedom” owes much of its phenomenal success to the tireless efforts of Angel Studios, which expertly harnessed the power of early ticket sales. The film has already grossed an impressive $11.5 million at the box office, with an additional $2.7 million generated through its innovative “pay it forward” program. To put this into perspective, even the bestselling Spider-Man movie raked in a mere $2.6 million. Industry insiders are confident that this extraordinary momentum will push “Sound of Freedom” toward an impressive overall opening of $20 million within the first six days of its release, with the brilliant performances of Mira Sorvino and Jim Caviezel captivating audiences worldwide.

Neal Harmon, the esteemed CEO of Angel Studios, humbly expressed his gratitude to the ardent fans who made the film an instant sensation. “Sound of Freedom” has not only claimed the top spot as America’s number one movie on this monumental day of independence but has also transcended its mere entertainment status to become a driving force behind a grassroots movement. With packed theaters and sold-out shows reported across the nation, it is evident that this extraordinary film has left an indelible mark on the hearts of its viewers.

“Sound of Freedom” touched the lives of audiences in over 2,600 theaters, garnering rave reviews and generating an undeniable buzz within the industry. Harmon proudly announced that the film has achieved an A+ CinemaScore rating, cementing its status as the highest-rated movie in America. As word-of-mouth spreads like wildfire, the film’s popularity is set to soar even higher in the coming weekend, further amplifying its impact.

Distinguished by its unique “pay it forward” program, the film offers an opportunity for compassionate individuals to purchase tickets for others, enabling a wider audience to witness the gripping narrative unfold. Drawing inspiration from the true story of Tim Ballard, a former Homeland Security agent, who courageously abandoned his career to rescue a young girl from the clutches of sex traffickers in the perilous Colombian jungle, “Sound of Freedom” sheds light on the indomitable spirit of those dedicated to eradicating this heinous crime. Ballard now leads Operation Underground Railroad, a remarkable nonprofit organization that has successfully saved over 6,000 trafficked children.

CPAC, conscious of the urgency to combat human trafficking, premiered the groundbreaking film in mid-June under the banner of its Center for Combating Human Trafficking, a pivotal initiative of the esteemed Nolan Center for Justice. Through this cinematic masterpiece, CPAC reaffirms its unwavering commitment to the cause, unmasking the harrowing reality of child trafficking while setting an exemplary professional standard.

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