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President Biden is coming for Americans’ guns.

That at least seemed to be the message conveyed by a statement released by the White House on Sunday to mark the third anniversary of the Parkland shooting.

Biden cynically used the occasion as an opportunity to unveil his radical anti-second amendment agenda, including draconian bans on so-called ‘assault weapons,’ high capacity magazines as well as mandatory background checks for all firearms purchases.

As the statement from the White House reads:

This Administration will not wait for the next mass shooting to heed that call. We will take action to end our epidemic of gun violence and make our schools and communities safer. Today, I am calling on Congress to enact commonsense gun law reforms, including requiring background checks on all gun sales, banning assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, and eliminating immunity for gun manufacturers who knowingly put weapons of war on our streets. We owe it to all those we’ve lost and to all those left behind to grieve to make a change. The time to act is now.

It seems that those insisting during the campaign that Biden was actually a moderate were wrong, at least when it comes to Americans’ second amendment rights.


    1. the only guns joe will end up taking are the ones from legal law abiding citizens crimminals will still have guns an if not the criminals will find another way to do it

      1. He is going to have a rough time getting rural states to enforce those gun bans when the Clinton”assault weapons” and high capacity magazine bans never changed anything. Criminals don’t care what laws the government passes because they get assault weapons on the black market from outside the country. Opening the southern border defeats the purpose of any gun bans.

        1. Thomas Jefferson said “from time to time the tree of liberty needs to be watered with the blood of patriots and tyrants”
          Biden’s anti-gun policies will be the precursor to the the revolution—-I’m old —-can’t run but I can still shoot—-God bless this wonderful County and God Damn those who would destroy Her😥🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

          1. Democrat senile President Joe Biden (empty suit Obama’s puppet) is trying to destroy the USA e.g. more spending and taxes, illegal immigrants, gun bans, speech suppression, voter fraud, state voting power grabs, climate change, more useless federal regulations etc!

      2. were fighting 1 percent.. If our military and police around the world would stop protecting them, because their brain washed into ahh it’s just a job.We’d be ok.

      3. Most, if not all, law abiding gun owners I know will REFUSE to turn their guns in and that will make us ALL criminals, so your comment that criminals will still have guns, is spot on!!!

      4. Knowing dumbocrats and how they support BLM & Antifa, any guns they confiscate will be given to those same rioters/Looters to use against us.

    1. Here’s an interesting note. Watch the footage of Biden signing those EOs. He was signing blank pages. I wonder what is going to be written over his signature.

      1. I read that Joe’s never been “certified”, so none of these bogus executive orders mean “squat”! Trump’s never conceded..
        Wonder “WHY” the military has the democrats boxed in?
        Think about that! Seems as though the military may be in control of the country right now. Good, or bad, for the country? don’t know.

      2. Yes but he did read them off of a cue card. Who is behind the curtain? Obama maybe, Susan Rice maybe , oops I am on a roll of crooked people names.

    1. Let the so called president and lawmakers know that we are not going to comply The old fool talks about so called assault weapons but the commiecrats have their eyes on wiping out the 2nd amendment. But I know several democrats that totally support gun rights. I suggest that people organize now across America and put a stop to this. And I also suggest that we all never reveal to anyone what, if any guns that we have. I swear by Almighty God that I’ll never surrender anything to the government. Assault weapons are already illegal without proper paperwork and having a trust set up. No semi automatic is an assault rifle.

      1. He is going to have a rough time getting enough votes in Congress to ban “assault weapons” and standard magazines when criminals get them on the black market from outside the country and the Clinton “assault weapon” and magazine ban proved it did nothing to reduce school shootings.

        1. Gun-Free School Zones Act, part of the Crime Control Act of 1990, was brainchild of Wisconsin Democrat Herb Kohl and then co-signed by then U.S. Sen. Joe Biden. How’d that work out for you?

          1. It was great advertisement for those wanting to kill our children. Instead of being heavily guarded. So who’s responsible for these death’s in the Schools 🤔, perhaps these two!

          2. Yah and the deaths in Florida were partly due to Obama and Holders big program actually protecting the kid who did the killing,,,,,,Go figure.

      2. Personally we need congress to show who does and who doesn’t support gun rights or Biden’s new laws! They should all be asked starting now, especially on how they vote.

    2. Yes siree! The whole nation will not surrender their guns! If they did, you can imagine what the criminal politicians would do. What they are doing now tells you all you need to know.

      1. If we surrender our guns they will no longer rule by consent of the people but through tyranny. One of the first policies that communists enact is gun confiscation. Biden is literally a communist puppet. He is evil personified as his actions indicate.

        1. Oirish1953… Not just Biden…look at a picture of his cabinet, all faces of EVIL. I pray daily that the anti-Constitution politicians, their corrupt heathen financiers (i.e. Soros), and their corrupt heathen censoring buddies in big media and big tech (i.e. Zuckerberg, Dorsey, Bezos, etc.) ALL suffer ruin and famine the remainder of their days, and they shall never forever dwell in the House of the LORD…Ministers need to preach this loud and far.

      2. The average American is a stupid little lamb. The police and Army will be purged. Americans will be forced to surrender their guns or be officially labeled a terrorists giving the fascists the right to do anything they want. Most American sheep will bow to the power. It’s historical. Nazi Germany and the Jewish community are the the example.

        1. You must be living in an alternate universe! We will not comply with any gun ban or violation of our 2and amendment right. Who will try and enforce this law? We will fight to the last man and woman on this one. Try and take them,it wont end well.

        2. Keith, I agree with you to a point but you forgot those patriot partisans who fought behind the scenes. I think there would be a very large number here in that scenario.

        3. never happen, a second revolution will come first; that was the entire intent behind the second amendment: protection against the government!

      3. If you did watch while the White House was being “attached” there were many Congressmen that were strapped, and waving their pieces, guess they will be some of the 1st to have to turn their weapons in.

    3. At my age I have nothing to lose by refusing a lawman who doesn’t follow the constitution by taking my arms and my rights. if they need to kill American brothers, the country won’ be occupied by Americans in the end. Maybe that is what the Democrats want? Who the hell voted for this guy and his communist destructive Executive Orders.

  1. Biden is wanting to take our guns so that the Democrats make this a Socialist country. Besides the cri.inals will still get guns from the Black Market.

  2. Remember what most dictatorship led countries do right off the bat. They confiscate and/or monitor all guns and ammunition. Germany was a great example. And this country is getting so socialist/communistic, I probably won’t even be allowed to type this kind of post in the near future. We need to be prepared.

    1. Biden is China’s puppet and is doing this so they can easily take over this country without us being able to stop them. The virus was just a test run of how easily they could control the masses without firing a shot.


    So… probably NOT THEIR FAULT?

    The ‘good guys with guns’ hid in complete safety and were REWARDED FOR THEIR COWARDICE that ALLOWED THE MURDERS at this school.

    Again, NOT THE FAULT of the other 330 MILLION PEOPLE.

    ALL OF THE TEACHERS and staff members were DENIED THEIR RIGHT TO SELF DEFENSE, AND THE DEFENSE OF OTHERS by LAWS PASSED BY POLITICIANS because ‘dead kids’ makes for good talking points…..

    WHY were the school employees DENIED THEIR RIGHTS?

    HOW MANY students have been murdered BY TEACHERS OR STAFF in the entire history of public education?

    1. how many can be DIRECTLY ATTRIBUTED TO…. ‘gun free zones’?

      biden was the creator of the ‘gun free zones’….

      there’s a clue there somewhere…

      1. But the Capital is not a “gun free zone” when the NG is there to protect the alleged “representatives of the people” from the people. Only gun free from the GOP reps.

  4. This from a moron who allowed ambassador Stevens to be sodomized and murdered and American soldiers die so Obama and Hillary could run guns to Isis in Syria and then Bidin aided in the murder of seal team six but now he wants to control gun violence a day late and a dollar short

    1. Does this sound like an administration that really cares or just wants control over the Americans that don’t support communism and liars and cheats

  5. Am I surprised by Biden’s action, no. Is it over reach, you betcha. End result, he’s going to make a lot of people criminals. Will this cause a backlash, yes and it should. This guy is an absolute disaster, Time for a number of impeachments.

  6. Had there been gun control before WWII we would have been invaded by the Japanese. What stops any foreign country from invading us is the 2ND Amendment. Gen. Yamamoto told his Emporer that we can never invade the US mainland because “there is a gun behind every blade of grass!” Nuff’said.

  7. YO!! JOE, background checks are already in place you moron. Also learn what a large capacity magazine is and it isnt the 30 rounds or less like you clown democrats think it is. It starts at 40 rounds and goes up. As to assault weapons ban does that include cars, trucks and hand tools that assault more people then the semi auto rifle does? PLEASE CRAWL BACK UNDER YOUR ROCK UNTIL YOU LEARN SOME THING OF USE.

  8. Common sense? When have democrats ever had any common sense? NEVER!
    No O’Biden you will never be able to take our guns without a fight!!

  9. Joe re caused most of these mass achool shootings with his gun free zone signs at schools . Terrorists are trained in the middle east to look for these signs, because they provide a target rich environment where no one will shoot back.

  10. Brainless Sleepy in the WH,he belongs in a dog hous.47 years this guy is leaching of the taxpayers backs and he wants to kill the golden goose.

    1. I’m beginning to think that I don’t believe in America anymore. Our country is being destroyed by leftist commiecrats

  11. Man, I am very glad that once the legal, law abiding citizens don’t have gun any longer that we will be safer. Then only the folks who do not care about the law will have them. WOW, won’t that be nice. Biden is trying to copy Hitler and Stalin. That is how then obtained power and keep it until millions were dead. Way to go Joe

  12. Left all of our so called leadership out of the process when he started ‘common sense’ laws. The Second amendment is in there for a reason!
    Have yet to see the plan that will protect the average citizen from ARMED criminals when all citizens weapons are gone. Until that time….I run on my plan.

  13. It has been obvious for YEARS that the VERMIN democrats wouldn’t recognize “common sense” if it bit them on the nose, just shut up joe!

  14. The commies are coming for you first it’s free speech now guns next it will be the whole constitution. They have been trying for years to rewrite it to eliminate everything that keeps them from turning this country I to the next communist country where civil right will be a thing of the past, fight back by voting them out of office

  15. You have to wonder if it’s ” common sense” gun laws. Then wouldnt you go after the ones doing the killings? Gangs? Robbers? Stop calling it common sense when we all know that democrats have no sense at all.

  16. Your 1st amendment rights have already been bludgeoned; look who got taken off twitter and other platforms. Look what happened to Parler. Next will come the taxes to own a gun and if you don’t pay the tax, you will be a criminal and not allowed to own. It’s coming!

  17. Take away the guns that protect Biden. That’s what this stupid no brains idiot wants, let him show Americans how is works without guns.

  18. This is 100% unconstitutional, but have the democrats ever cared what the U.S. CONSTITUTION says in their quest for power and a democrat dictatorship. They have such short memories of what started the revolution!

  19. The parkland shooting was because of Obama and Bidens rule of not punishing children for their school crimes. He should have never been in that school!

  20. Nobody in their right mind or with any common sense will never give up one of their guns, magazines, and ammunition. We need them to fight the criminals

  21. we have all of the gun control we need proof is that you can load a gun put it on a table and I bet you it will not shoot anyone unless a person takes hold of it and pulls the trigger quit being such a dumbass


    1. These gun grabbers are never going to take away their criminals guns and they know that. Meanwhile Biden said he’s going to open our borders in his first 100 days, which he’s now put on hold for now, too many other unAmerica plans to deal with in his first 100 days.

      Meanwhile the Dems open borders will be allowing in any criminal, terrorist, MS-13 savages, etc and now the Dems want to take away our 2nd amendment rights, to insure while they defund our protection agencies, we can’t even protect ourselves.

      Speak about ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’, violating our protected rights, rather than just allowing school children’s safety, by not be made sitting targets by our own government who could and are in some states being there for their own protection.

      It’s crazy for them that to take away Americans 2nd amendment rights is going to make these children more safe FROM law-abiding Americans. 🙄🙄

  23. If a person is determined to kill they will use what ever they can to do the killing be it a gun, a knife, a club, a piece of rope LONG STORY SHORT IS THEY DO NOT NEED GUNS TO KILL.

  24. It is not about gun control or stopping gun violence.It is about control period.The dems are planning to rid the military of patriotic soldiers and I am pretty sure once they have done that they will lower the standards to allow convicted felons to enlist and pretend that it is a means of providing an income to poor minorities.Biden wants a military that is loyal to him and to democrats rather than to the nation.After they get the military under their control they will start taking away our rights not only the right to bear arms but our freedom of speech,They have already taken our freedom to elect our own government.Now that they know that they can control an election and get away with it there will never be another fair and free election until after the people fight and take back our freedom.

  25. That violation of our second amendment rights has been expected.

    Tell these gun grabbers we might think about giving up our guns, when they give up theirs and ALL their private and taxpayer funded ‘protections’ first. Lol. They’ve got the NG still protecting their safety but want our guns. 😂😂😂😂

  26. Joe we’d like an in person meeting – and we’ll bring our guns. Are you insecure yet? Better bring more troops tough guy!

  27. Corrupt,ignorant,incompetennt,incoherant,puppet,dementia,joe wants to declare war, and gun control,gun confiscation, on law abiding citizens. This nincompoop wants to take guns from law abiding citzens, but be easy on criminals committing the crimes. Then he wants to let our borders being invaded by illegals from everywhere, let them in to slaughter Americans, and not let law enforcement do their job, to apprehend them when they commit crimes. This idiot, is endangering all of us,and needs to be removed for incompetence, this unstable puppet, who was installed by the deep state and obuthead cartel, that stole this election, is endangering our lives and national security of our country,which gives plenty of reason to get rid of him.

  28. We all know it’s not about protecting innocent people from being killed by guns. It’s hatred, sin and evil that causes the majority of killing.

    1. Tom, and never forget the criminal coddling district attorneys and their buddies on the courts refuse to do their jobs. 70 years ago, it was easy to get a killer sent to the chair. Problem solved. Now, it’s every excuse some shrink makes to stop garbage disposal.

  29. Back to gun free zones that are nothing more than a shooting gallery for every nut job coming down the pike. Biden will ban the facts of how many that legal concealed carry persons have stopped mass shooters, a lot more than any media will tell you. Like the old saying “when seconds count, the police are only minutes away” you notice Biden will go nowhere without armed guards surrounding him. None of the democrats will move with out armed guards. But everyday Americans are not allowed. What about hunters? Some depend on their own hunting to feed their familys. Especially now when the lock downs and Biden’s stupid EOs on businesses and taxes that no one can survive on.

  30. This just goes to prove that he is either suffering from Alzheimer’s and/or dementia especially considering you must go through a background check to purchase a firearm anyway either that or it is proof Of how truly ignorant he is concerning firearms laws for someone who allegedly knows so much

    1. He suffers from a common leftist condition . It’s known as “Head up his Rectum” it mutates into Communititus and finally to Tyranticus @$$holus. A fatal disease . Just look how Hitler ended up .

  31. You know where you can go Biden! Biden have you heard of the 2nd Amendment? Do you know assault rifles are already illegal to own unless you purchase a tax stamp? I don’t think you know what the hell you’re talking about. Just because a rifle looks like an assault rifle, doesn’t make it an assault rifle. As far as high capacity mags go, you can shove it buddy. You aren’t going to limit my ability to defend my family by cutting my chances down. Biden you have no business in the oval office. You’re demented to say the least. I don’t know what your excuse is the for last 47 years is, but you’ve been wrong on everyone of you decisions. That should tell you something. Go away, you’re ruining this once beautiful country.

  32. Demilitarize the public, militarize the government- and “bam”, every non- progressive non fascist will be a terrorist. Americans are stupid.

  33. He can babble all he wants..He swore an OATH to defend and uphold the Constitution, so help me God, If he is willing to testify that he lied under Oath, then we’ll see about his gun ban….what’dya say Joe? are you a LIAR

  34. When guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns. Innocent Americans need guns to DEFEND themselves and their family. We have a God Given Right to protect ourselves and no government can take that Right away from us. One of the first things a communist government does to their citizens is to disarm them. Watch the full length You Tube “Innocents Betrayed” to see what the biden regime plans to do to us if we allow him to steal our guns.

  35. I’m hoping and praying when it comes down to it our Military and police will use that little bit of un-corruption left in their hearts and will truely defend the people and go hunting with us see if we can bag some 1%er’s. “That’s a good one you got there.. You might think about getting that one mounted!” Lol!

  36. this virus scare as I’ve heard them say is a experiment to see how we react. Before they really release the next one that will be real. We’re doing good for them. We’re cleaning up and burying the dead for them and in exactly how they want it done. My father had a beautiful handmade coffin the still being a cancer patient put it in a fema coffin also to keep the contaminates . underground to die off. As the old pres bush use to say new world order is coming. I’ve heard their readying it for 2030. Nine and a half years. As Georgia guide stones in Elberton,Ga say population needs to be 5oo million or below! Mean’s 90% of us got to go. They’ve been hiding most thetre whole lives. Think their going to try to fight us with war. No way. Their smart going to stay in hiding when they release some real germ warfare. How do you fight what you can’t see.All right there in front of you.
    But hiding..

  37. So the Oil Pipeline was shut down costing thousand s of jobs. Now the firearms industry, Ammo manufacturers, gun shops and sporting goods stores will now become a victim of another piece of leftist insanity. How many thousand’s of jobs will that be? The southern border will now become the largest gun and Ammo black market in the world.

    1. Yes , I read yesterday that COLT , that most American and iconic name in American Firearms has been sold to a European manufacturer .

  38. I wish we actually had a President instead of an administrative undersecretary for signing unConstitutional commands from the liberal electorate. The democrats and non-conservative republicans really have our Nation screwed up right now. It’s going to take us a little while, but it will be exciting to watch what happens when we take the Nation back.

  39. I wonder where they are going to get the fools to come collect them? Keep dreaming Commie Joe Panty Sniffer. If they remove the 2A do they think the guns will just vanish into thin air? People are getting tired of them demanding things as if we have comply because of a piece of paper. they claim the rule of law, but they don’t follow it, so it means nothing.

  40. When your elected official(s write, sign, co-sponsor, legislation that is not in pursuance of the Constitution this is called breaking their oath. This means these officials are complicit in “rebellion” against the United States.
    They must be arrested and removed from office for violating their oaths of office. All have taken an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States, but they have violated their oaths, so says the Fourteenth Amendment. 

    14th Amendment Section 3.
    No Person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress, or elector of President and Vice-President, or hold any office, civil or military, under the United States, or under any State, who, having previously taken an oath, as a member of Congress, or as an officer of the United States, or as a member of any State legislature, or as an executive or judicial officer of any State, to support the Constitution of the United States, shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof.

  41. I’d like to again thank the Demoçrat voter’s for putting this control freak DICTATOR in office and some had the nerve to tell me that we wouldn’t loose any RIGHTS!!!! Less than a month in and he’s attacked the 1st amendment now going after the 2nd. Let alone his 30+ Executive ORDERS!!!!

  42. Just think the blind leading the blind. In other words it’s old Dems leading young Dems… These laws won’t make any difference..

  43. The other day I overheard my ole double barrel shotgun and little 22 rifle talking to each other. The ole double barrel said I’m getting tired of sitting here all the time and doing nothing I’m going to go out and shoot something or someone. The little 22 rifle said come on man you know you can’t do anything until ole Paul pulls your trigger. I came around the corner and told them to relax that they was just here for protection or hunting. Ole double barrel said he heard on tv that crap is going to hit the fan because old Joe was gonna come and steal us. I told him don’t worry because you might get to see some action if that happens. They both sighed and said ok then. Little 22 rifle said Paul don’t ever buy one of the AR-15 guys, because I heard they were plumb mean and evil. I said don’t worry guys you can’t believe everything you hear. They said ok but them cok eyed dudes better never ever come to get us or we will get mad. LOL (Trump is the man).

    1. My wife says I used to call her dad corny, but that I was worse than him. Truth is that these unknowledgeable lefties should know that it isn’t the gun, car, knife or whatever that kills it is the person using it. Most of us just want protection, hunting, or target practice etc. (Trump is the man)

  44. Biden needs to read the Constitution, what part of “shall not be infringed” do these liberals not understand. Get rid of the 2nd Amendment, then the rest of the Constitution is next!

  45. It will go no where just like every Democrat President has tried and failed. We have a constitutional right to have a gun. The current laws are fine but need to be inforced.

  46. 95% of gun owners are law abiding citizens he wants to take their guns they have to protect their families from criminals. But refuse to prosecute the criminals who commit these heinous acts against the American people. So my question Joe who will protect the American from you and your off the wall policies? You have shown that thru the first few weeks of the the administration you care very little for the real American citizens of our country. Your administration has started off as a failure and will continue to go down the crapper until you start using some degree of common sense. I hope and pray you have that capacity to do so.

  47. The FOUNDERS gave us THE BILL OF RIGHTS, after thinking about it, they added the 2nd Amendment to protect them.
    We have been very patient with the liberal dem bloodsucking parasitical ticks, that continue to try to take them from us.
    Continuing to think that we will always be that patient will be a grievous error on your part.

  48. One of the very first thing a communist government does once they’re in power is steal the citizens’ right to defend themselves. Americans would have to be insane to allow the communist government which stole the election from President Trump to STEAL OUR RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS IN ORDER TO PROTECT OURSELVES. Our Second Amendment Rights should NOT be infringed upon in any way whatsoever. Watch the full length you tube “Innocents Betrayed” to see what will happen to us if we allow puppet biden to STEAL our guns. That is completely unacceptable. If the demoncrats are so anxious to steal guns, why don’t they take the guns away from antifa, BLM and the gangs in the big blue cities? Because they are the useful idiots who can be used as an example of law abiding gun owners which again is insane!

  49. It proves Biden has no clue. about anything to do with guns and accessories!! The guy needs some help. The so called peaceful protest allowed by the entire Democrat community without mention and the defunding of police both created the largest gun guys in history for personal protection, because he and his party have created an unsafe living condition with criminals owning the streets and society. Who is the string puller behind the screen?? and now add a flood of illegals entering the country at will with no background checks!! Get the point why people are buying guns? Biden should consider it too, because over 200 million who own many guns each are not going to be controlled by a few Non Constitutional lawmen he sends after us.

  50. But Joe , how are we to keep those unwanted door to door solicitors and the Jehova’s Wirness’es away from our doors . We only follow the advice you gave us back when you were the VP , “Fire a shotgun through the door ” ! Gee whiz Joe , now we will have to put up with them , is that what you are saying ? If I beat them with a Louisville Slugger , will that be considered an assault weapon ?

  51. When will the idiots in DC ever figure out that gun violence is a result of a “soft on crime” court system. Not holding people accountable for the actual crimes they commit emboldens criminals.

    Taking guns from law abiding citizens gives criminals soft victims who do not have the means to protect themselves.

    We are being lied to about the reasons for gun bans. It is to disarm Americans so that they can do exactly what Hitler, Mao and Stalin did – KILL MILLIONS!

  52. Why the guns? Can’t liberals understand that it isn’t the guns breaking the law it’s the criminal…people you DA, people commit the crimes! This actually has nothing to do with Parkland or anywhere else. It all has to do with control…if we do not have our weapons the tyranny will begin.

  53. Is Mr. President going to turn in his shotgun that he said he would fire into the air from his porch to scare off intruders?

    1. He didn’t say air , he said “Fire it through the door to scare off intruders and those pesky door to door solicitors and Jehovah’s witness’s

  54. The left wants to disarm us because they know we will not stand for their socialist utopia. They know we will fight back.

  55. Your veterinarian called joe, you missed you distemper shot. You realize of course GUN CONTROL LAWS VIOLATE THE 2nd AMMENDMENT. Take your phony BS and shove it where the sun don’t shine, I will stand with out Founders who in their God given brilliance wrote the GREATEST Document in history, with the ONLY exception being the Holy Bible.

  56. We all will be criminals because we won’t comply. That’s OK as I would rather be a live armed criminal than a dead “Deplorable” . They are wanting to take any and everything that shoots a bullet. Then the bows and arrows, sling shots, pointy knives, finger nail files. Do NOT for a second think they are trying to keep you safe. It’s their BUTT they are trying to keep safe from selling us out to China and stealing us blind over the years. That’s why they want fences and armed troops around D.C. but not the southern border. They want to keep us busy fighting gangs without guns to keep us away from them. Long live the Republic! GOD BLESS and PRAY for America and Israel.

  57. President Biden has forgotten the history that was the basis of the Second amendment. Sir we do not want to return to the way things were when our Country was British. We don’t want to be over run by some unknow country that wants to humiliate every American. You were elected to lead this Country forward not into submission. Go back to the basement.

  58. The leftist ( democRATs and RINO’s or Vichy Republicans ) believe the President Trump was going to become a dictator, but the actions so far of this fake president Biden with his plans to confiscate guns is the first move of dictatorship!

  59. Nikolas Cruz, 19, has been expelled for fighting, and described, by his defense team, as a mental defective (broken child). Since he had fallen through the cracks, passed an Instant NCIS background check, and bought he weapon legally. No amount of Gun Kontrol would have stopped the massacre.
    The Police missed his expose, broadcast on his You Tube account, that he was going “to be a Professional Shooter.”

  60. 99%Would Lay Down, Hand them over,and Obey,same with everything else,Then the ones who would Stand will be sold out and persecuted, Talk is Cheap,Sporting a t-shirt and a couple number stickers is easier to do than Man-ing up and Fighting your fellow Americans,
    But the ones who do are deemed Psycho Extremist. Those who wage for War are Those who Have,Won’t, and Will Never Fight In a War!
    So When you get that knock at the door in the next 30 seconds what are you going to do?

  61. Senile President Joe Biden and Crazy Nancy Pelosi pushed the useless House stooges for passage of HR-8!

    Will Republicans in the Senate have the “Testicular Fortitude” to Filibuster HR-8 into the trash or will they cave to wimpy chucky Schumer?

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