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Proposed legislation seeking to amend Texas’ Castle Doctrine is already riling members of the state legislature ahead of the upcoming session in Austin.

The Democrat who introduced the proposal claims it’s necessary because existing law enables citizens to be judges, juries, and executors too easily. reports:

The “castle doctrine” is outlined in the state’s penal code. It gives people the right to use deadly force to protect their “land or tangible, movable property.”

State Rep. Terry Meza, D-Irving, filed House Bill 196 in early November, which would modify part of the code to require a person to be “unable to safely retreat” before they could use deadly force to protect their habitation or property. It would also remove robbery and aggravated robbery as crimes that could be legally stopped with deadly force by property owners.

Some posts circulating on social media have insinuated that Meza’s bill seeks to end the “castle doctrine” because it requires a person to retreat from their property before using deadly force.

Vince Leibowitz, spokesman for Meza, told the Associated Press that the bill deals only with situations outside the home, leaving intact Texas law relating to situations inside someone’s own “habitation,” defined in the state penal code as “a structure or vehicle that is adapted for the overnight accommodation of persons.”


  1. impeach her all people should right to defend She likely want to defund the police. Anyone who votes for this bill would never get a vote from me .

      1. It can be done. It is called CRIMINAL CHARGES. And the usual way is by voting them out. This is a Mexican woman probably running in a Mexican district. How else would you get rid of them? BUY THE VOTES OF THE ILLEGALS?????

    1. Representative Mesa probably has body guards for protection along with a high tech security system. The legislator is not worried about a home robbery and/or a home invasion as are the rest of us peons.

  2. The Democraps are creating an environment where the poroductive, law-abiding middle class citizens (1) can no longer trust the system to protect us or our property and (ii) will no longer be able to respect (or even tolerate)the law which they intend to use to make us victims. Here’s betting that there are more of us than of them. Semper Fi!!

  3. All Ms. Meza is doing is trying to protect criminals and put the burden on the homeowner to prove that there were other alternatives to defending themselves and their home and property. Next she will be promoting rights of criminals to takeover parts of Austin and other cities and to burn and destroy property on the basis that those people could get hurt if laws protecting property are enforced.

  4. This is an attempt by the socialist democrat party to disarm us so that they can rule with an iron fist without push back from Conservative Americans. They have no right to tell us what we can and can not own for are protection. From them or anyone else

  5. no wonder Big cities in texas-Dallas county blue county had becomes demrats that had proposed by State Rep. Terry Meza, D-Irving, filed House Bill 196. Our Republican shall veto this bill for good. NRA-USCCA get on on the ball fight bak

  6. This is just another ruse by the DEMORATS to try and stomp on the rights and freedoms we have to protect ourselves. The people of Texas will im sure respond to this. I think if the DEMORATS have their way they would try and take all of our rights away because they could care less about own Constitution.

  7. Well some one should go to her home and see if she will run and allow the home to be emptied out. Ridiculous bill if ever there was one. In PA we have a watered down version but not to bad.
    Better than 3 miles away in NJ. Have none. Your dead and hope the police can help you.

  8. We saw what happened to the Mckloskeys.Never let them get rid of theCastle Doctrine . It Is your only protection against intruders and radicas. Just look at Michigan.

  9. They can not change the fact that you should be able to protect yourself & family & friends who are in danger of death and protect your home & lively hood. Maybe if she had people outside her home or barn with her whole live stock inside with torches she might rethink her dumb ass. If they are outside they can burn your whole land of crops. Again another Democrat who’s elevator doesn’t go all the way to the top

  10. yeah, well, tell that to the criminals who don’t hesitate to take a life without regard to your innocence. see how well that goes over !

  11. It is beginning. This is like being nibbled to death by a Duck. No matter the circumstance, a crime against a person is not to be allowed if that person has the ability to defend themselves. The problem here is the criminal and the enabler who wants the law abiding citizen to acquiesce to criminality. With the lenient court system and leftist judges a years of work and property could be gone in a flash and physical and mental health damaged for a lifetime.

  12. Talk about stupid. i wonder if someone broke into her house and was getting ready to kill a family member if she would defend against that person. If she loved the family member she would unless she is a lost ball in tall grass.

  13. So, if I am in a protective zone, like behind a tree, and the perp is moving upon me with a weapon I would be forced to retreat to my home rather than remain behind cover and ward off the threat even by use of my weapon. Never happened!

  14. Looks like Texas needs to defend itself against this politician. This wanting more victims in the world is insane. Just think if I protect myself and kill this person they won’t rob, rape steal from anyone else. That deserves a medal not being persecuted.

  15. I find it tragic and scary that those like Rep. Mesa in both State and federal government disregard or reject the VERY premises of Western Civilization. Adam Smith, a CLASSICAL Liberal, made it clear that without property rights there could be NO political or personal rights.

  16. Mexican name.
    Methoidist. That is the denomination that a century ago stopped worshipping God and became a social club.


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