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In a not so shocking turn of events, Joe Biden’s presidential transition team has met with ATF Acting Director Regina Lombardo and Associate Deputy Director Marvin Richardson with the goal being to ban pistol braces and 80% lowers. The meeting was a conference call on November 10th, where Biden’s team wanted to find out what the “main priorities” of the ATF were going to be. Lombardo responded by revealing her plan to prohibit pistol braces and 80% lowers.

The ATF has already made an attempt at making pistol braces illegal when they sent a cease and desist letter to multiple companies, including Q LLC who went public with the letter. Due to backlash from the general public, as well as pressure from the Trump administration, the ATF doubled back and granted a 60-day reprieve on their decision.

As you can see the ATF has a track record of trying to trample all over our Second Amendment rights. The main issue is that the rules for the ATF are subjective when it comes to making a judgment on things such as a pistol brace or an 80% lower. It depends on the reviewer who is assigned to evaluate the brace or lower that gets to determine whether it is legal or not. That is too much power for any individual in government to have. There is no set standard that the reviewer must abide by.

They Are Not the Only Ones

We think it is pretty well known that uneducated gun control groups have been trying to dictate what the American public can and can’t have based on their irrational beliefs. California, as well as other state and local jurisdictions, and gun control groups in the United States, have teamed up and filed a lawsuit against the ATF in an attempt to ban 80% firearms throughout the United States (Syracuse v. BATFE). The ATF has previously reviewed and made a determination as to what qualifies as an 80% lower or a “receiver blank.” The ATF has long held that items such as receiver blanks, “castings,” or “machined bodies” in which the fire-control group area is completely solid and un-machined, have not reached the “stage of manufacture” which would result in the classification of a firearm according to the Gun Control Act of 1968.

These gun control groups are challenging the ATF, stating that the ATF’s definition of an 80% lower is wrong and that their subjective definition of an 80% lower is correct. The audacity of these people sees no end. For them to try and dictate what the American public can and can’t have is ludicrous, and I can tell you we will not stand idly by and watch this happen.

80 Percent Arms and the FPC Team Up

We here at 80 Percent Arms have teamed up with the Firearm Policy Coalition to intervene in this lawsuit by filing a motion to intervene. We do not believe that the ATF will represent our interests or the interests of our customers, law-abiding American citizens who like to regularly exercise their rights. In filing this motion to intervene, we will be granted a voice in the proceedings. Due to the fact that the ATF must account for multiple points of view, there is no way they will adequately represent us. Gun control groups are aware of this, which is why they choose to go after the ATF. The ATF will, of course, want to defend themselves and their decisions but they ultimately lose nothing if the court rules against them. This is why we have stepped in.

We have filed this motion in a timely manner and have given absolutely every respect to the federal court system. We are still waiting to hear back from the courts if our motion to intervene will be granted. We promise that we won’t abandon our efforts if, for any reason, we are denied our intervention we have plans to file suit with prejudice. We will sue and fight whoever we need to ensure our rights as American citizens are protected. If gun control advocates get their way, they will not only destroy a thriving American industry but turn law-abiding citizens into criminals.

More detailed information about this lawsuit and our part in it can be found HERE.

What Is an 80% Lower?

At this point, you might be asking yourself, “what is an 80% lower, and why are they so important?” An 80% lower, also known as a receiver blank, is essentially a block of aluminum. As stated earlier, the ATF sees it as a receiver blank until the fire control group pocket (trigger pocket) is milled out. Once the trigger pocket is milled out, it is then classified as a firearm under the Gun Control Act of 1968.

Once you reach this stage there are a few things to consider. Where you live is a huge factor in how you will be building your rifle. There are federal laws in place in regards to 80% lowers, but your local and state laws are what should be reviewed to ensure your compliance. You also need to consider the configuration you wish to make your rifle. If you wish to build a short-barreled rifle, also known as an SBR, you should definitely review the NFA.

Why Are 80% Receivers So Important?

In the past, car companies have tried to make it so you have to go to their mechanics to repair or upgrade your vehicle. The Supreme Court ruled that unconstitutional. They explained that once you purchase a vehicle, it is yours to do with whatever you want within the confines of the law. The same goes for firearms, once it is my property, I have every right to modify it, so long as I obey the law. When I was growing up, I used to rebuild motorcycles with my dad. We would find a good frame, build an engine, get the drivetrain working. I still remember the pride we shared in our work at the end of every project. I did the same thing with my uncle, but we built firearms. Finding a high-quality receiver, getting an awesome lower parts kit, and choosing a barrel with the right twist to it. Then hitting the range and enjoying your hard work. That is a true American hobby.

Simply being able to build your own rifle from scratch isn’t what makes an 80% lower so important. Throughout most of the country, so long as you have no intent to sell your rifle, you do not need to serialize your lower once built. This means the government has no record of your ownership. Gun control groups try to persuade the public that this is a terrible thing. It isn’t. History has shown us time and again that a national firearm registry can be used for nefarious purposes. Possibly the most infamous example came when Hitler used Germany’s national firearm registry to persecute his political opponents and anyone else he deemed a threat. Thinking of the past reminds me of a saying by philosopher George Santayana, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

How Can You Help?

I am sure you are wondering what you can do to help us in this fight. I promise you, you are not helpless.

The FPC has a grassroots membership program to join them in their fight to preserve our liberties. If a monthly donation is not an option for you do not worry, they also accept one-time donations, as well as have a merchandise store where all proceeds go to supporting their efforts.

Another way to fight back is to visit our site and stock up on everything 80% related today! Build to your heart’s content and show gun grabbers that they will never take away our rights! Your continued support of not only us and the FPC but the firearms industry collectively helps fuel our fight against those that would wish to strip us of our inalienable rights.



  1. If you haven’t figured out by now, that Barr is a corrupt, criminal, traitor to the United States of America and to the Constitution that governs our once great nation, then your are part of the problem!
    Very soon “We the People” will correct this problem and put EVERY democrat in our nation in the bowels of hell where they belong!!!!

    1. I’m sorry but I totally disagree with you about Barr! He works very quietly and keeps his mouth shut unless absolutely necessary!

      1. I think they are under cutting Barr sometimes too like some of the rinos and others are under cutting Trump. Just my opinion. I think Barr is pretty good on most everything by listening to him on Mark Levin show and other times I heard him talk.

        1. Barr talks a good talk, but does nothing or the bare minimum. He, the DOJ and the FBI knew about Hunter Biden’s laptop and incriminating emails for a year and did nothing and kept it secret from the American people. That news would have impacted this election greatly in favor of Trump and nothing was said or done. The Durham report, what happened? Again, Barr stated he would make things known AFTER the election, why after? The American people needed to finally hear the truth and have some exoneration before the election. None to date. The FBI appeases by stating they will look into or start an investigation, but rarely follows through on serious matters. Sorry to say, but I feel they are all avoiding tough decisions and very corrupt!

          1. Point very well taken. Barr is somewhat a mystery. The Biden laptop is somewhat of a mystery. If there is in fact evidence of child porn and child abuse it should have been acted on immediately in my opinion.

          2. I believe that! I could NOT write one comment on Seattle’s new “law” that it’s OK to steal if you are hungry and poor. I wrote a “bot” on every comment according to “them”.

      2. And that is your opinion. But Barr is corrupt if he wasn’t Bozo joe would be in prison awaiting trial. To determine what punishment he deserves hanging or the firing squad. You just keep telling yourself how good you believe these tyrants to be are. This is AMERICA and if you think WE THE PEOPLE are going to stand by and do nothing. The whole government is corrupt for far to long. Time to thin out the Hurd once and for all. They have so much evidence of the corruption our government is involved in and nothing is being done. If I was President Trump I would give everyone their wish I would shut down the whole country of the United States and I mean everything police hospitals Stores everything for 2 months those who survive after that can have their rights and freedoms back and then there are those who won’t make it well too bad. Like the Wild West. This way we could legally hang these tyrants and make a difference. Anyhow chew on that for awhile. And stop putting your faith in corrupt politicians. Get back to GOD AND HIS SON JESUS.

        1. I pray daily that the anti-Constitution types in Congress and their buddies in big tech all suffer famine and ruin all the remainder of their days and shall forever NEVER dwell in the House of the LORD….

      3. . . . . Yeah, right, just like Jeff Sessions did ! . . What has he done so far ? . . Barr has either been threatened or he is complicit in covering up for the democrats and their cronies ! . . I believe his job has been to run out the clock with high expectations and trust by well-meaning Americans until the 2020 CHEAT ELECTION, then he says he’s seen no evidence of voter fraud ? . . . Really ??? . . .and you still trust him ???

        1. Bob LMAO that is the silliest post I have seen since “Obama was a good president” (which we ALL know is horseshit)

    2. Barr is not a democrat-was appointed originally by 41–but where in this article does it talk about Barr??? I must be missing something.

    3. No he hasn’t , no he Isn’t -he Has done a lot of good for Trump- He was following the law – It was the corrupt FBI that hid the Hunter hard drive until that computer shop owner went public – Because it then became an ‘Ongoing investigation’ at that time, Barr was not able to make it public

    4. Barr is a lawyer – need one say any more? Though some lawyers are trustworthy people, those who enter the political arena can turn out to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing, especially trial lawyers. Their livelihood requires them to be good actors. They talk tough to opposing counsel then after the dust settles – win or lose – you’ll find them in some bar toasting their success as they count the pile of money they made off their clients.

  2. The one thing about that scares me more than anything is, if biden/harris (NOT THE PRESIDENT ELECT) until the electoral college meets and so declares. But if biden/harris are given a full report on the National Security briefings will he immediately pass them onto China and Russia? if he does there should be major repercussions.


      1. globalist $oro$ puppet, chester the molester biden will do all the globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet cia CRIMINAL organisation orders him to do, globalist puppet chester the molester is indebted to them for using their voter fraud to appoint him !

  3. If you do not help Trump . Biden and Harris will come after you and your Guns . NO one will start a War . Harris and Biden will just take what they want .

      1. It’s to late to do anything the day they decide to come for guns. You should have done something before that. You are only fooling yourself if you think your gong to stop them from taking your guns.

        1. They would have to find them first, then they would have to get past the Guards to get at them. My guards are not friendly and they Do bite. If not treated shortly after being bitten they won’t take Anymore firearms from anyone again. Be Ready for anything people, I damn sure am ready and they won’t know what bit them…..

      2. We Patriots are 100% ready,willing and able to take back our Republic. Let’s see how the establishment likes some of their own tactics used against a biden/ harris administration. The next 4 years will make antifa/blm riots look like kintergarden play
        MAGA 2020 USA

  4. Where in the hell does this article print Barr’s name? This is BIDEN’S bullshit transition traitors! this is totally misleading!

  5. The commiecrats crown jewel of achievements would be the total disarmament of the American citizenry! Why we allow them to walk freely among us I’ll never know.

  6. Am I missing something? The headline says “Barr”. Yet, the article clearly is referring to “Biden”. Was this an intentional mistake?

    1. I’m not sure but Barr might have selected the person over the ATF and she under cutting him. Sort of like the Head lady of the CIA uncut trump in the election on the voting machines.

  7. Those leftist fools think they can stop every decent person from having or getting guns. Right!
    As a retired custom gunsmith, I can tell you this: There are many more like me out here who, if needs be, will “go underground” and literally build guns from whatever materials are available. Will Big Brother ban the private possession of steel or aluminum? Will they ban power tools? It won’t do them any good. In places like Pakistan, home gunsmiths build military-grade guns with nothing more than hand drills, screwdrivers, and hand files. Americans, armed with better metals and even more motivation, will “scratch build” even better guns. Plus, with the various industrial chemicals available on the open market, making primers and propellants will be easier as well.
    So, enacting unconstitutional laws and door-to-door confiscation will do little to no good for the cause of Communism in America….

    1. globalists and globalist puppet $oro$ and globalist puppet democrat criminal party and globalist puppet rino criminal party and globalist media took all the bullets of the shelves . . . . .

    2. All good Americans needs to stay United together. They come to your next door neighbor and come after their guns then go help them out. Gang up on all them ATF and they will have their heads swimming.

  8. This is just a judgement thought, after reading all the comments, which aim at Biden, Harris, Barr and some valid suggestions as to how to deal with the ATF, If you go beyond the article, the real problem is the fact that Biden is a nothing burger, with the real poison being one sole person. Biden will not last long, with Obama directing the traffic and guiding Harris into the number one position. Obama has never left and you see and hear his presence growing daily. In his eight years of power, he installed his own people in key positions, in which they could not be removed because of government employment policies. The coup, that failed on President Trump, will not fail with removing Biden and installing Harris, as the first woman and of color, to become president. The country should wake and see, that Obama will become the faceless president. As for the election, Biden is a 47 year of taxpayer money being fed to a dunce with no accomplished legislation and now just a shill being used by Obama, to complete his reign of government take over by one person, Obama.

    1. I agree with that. Obuma moved in and set up shop not far from the white house. He the main man over most everything. Including Protifa and Blm. That is some of his army he was talking about getting I think. Obuma is the slime of the earth.

  9. The people of this country have had enough of the globalist horse Shit ! The Shit is about to hit the fan ! I can’t wait to see the traitors walking to the firing squad ! There will be many….. The gas chamber and firing squad laws have been reinstated , think about that .

    1. The gas chamber would surely get soro’s excited he hasn’t had that much fun since he helped the nazi’s send his own people to the gas chambers

  10. They can meet all they want. My guns belong to me and gaurentee NO communist power will EVER threatin my family or take over my country.
    Lets take it to the next level now.

  11. Listen up people. biden is NOT the president elect. Regardless what you think, the media, bloggers, communist China or the GSA do NOT make the determination. It has not been declared. The only oval office that treasonous corrupt demented pedo will see is in his basement.

  12. Hoping biden does NOT become the next President. This is a horrible thing to take away the gun rights of citizens and that is where he and the woman he picked are headed!

  13. I suggest that Joe OBiden come and make an honest attempt to take anything he would like to try and take. I stand for the constitution and liberty, I have somewhere in the neighborhood of 30,000,000 followers ( yes that millions if I need to dumb it down ) and we all stand for freedom. We support 100% 80 Percent Arms and the FPC along with the NRA and every other pro gun organization. What would really help is if we they people stripped Joe OBiden of his right to even speak in public. It kind of goes back to the “cheaters never win and winners never cheat” saying from the past. Once the line is drawn in the sand I’m not sure if the realize what damage it will do to this country and I’m not sure they care.

  14. hey big guy come on and try to take my guns if you can get them you are welcome to them . if not be ready to pay with your ass

  15. Over the next two weeks we the people need to push hard on officials Local , State and Federal to go full McCarthyism in the Senate and to reopen the Committee on Unamerican Activities then drag both Soros and Koch in front of it followed by a seemingly endless parade of communists , communist sympathizers and other subversives and when we meet resistance and we will meet resistance now that the powers that be have gotten the suckers to vote and plan to dump us to the wayside like they always do it’s time for recall elections on officials Local ,State and Federal . We went through hell this year and just as 2019 was worse then 2018 and 2020 was worse then 2019 , 2021 will be worse then 2020 unless we shut this down hard. Gray Davis tried to pull a fast one on California just like the nation got played this year and California kicked Davis through the goal post and out of the stadium in a recall election. We got played this year but the powers that be had to spend a massive amount of time , resources , money and people to do it and they can’t do it again so soon. So it’s time for punishment instead of waiting around for whatever hits us next.

  16. All these people were suggested to Trump by the RINOS in his cabinet Trump is a far too trusting and good person to be in company of any politician. They seek office for the money only. Have you ever seen a republican that would or could lead? They all are only followers. If you do not believe that just let the top republican jump off a cliff and watch all the others follow. Their mascot should be changed from an elephant to a ram.

  17. Over the next two weeks we the people need to push hard on officials Local , State and Federal to go full McCarthyism in the Senate and to reopen The Committee on Unamerican Activities in The House of Representatives then drag both Soros and Koch in front of it followed by a seemingly endless parade of communists , communist sympathizers and other subversives and when we meet resistance and we will meet resistance now that the powers that be have gotten the suckers to vote and plan to dump us to the wayside like they always do it’s time for recall elections on officials Local , State and Federal. We went through hell this year and just as 2019 was worse then 2018 and 2020 was worse then 2019 , 2021 will be worse then 2020 unless we shut this down hard. Gray Davis tried to pull a fast one on California just as the nation got played this year and California kicked Davis through the goal post and out of the stadium in a recall election. We got played this year but the powers that be had to spend a massive amount of time , resources , money and people to do it and they can’t do it again so soon. So it’s time for punishment instead of waiting around for whatever hits us next.

  18. Watch the full length YouTube “Innocents Betrayed” to see what joe china biden plans to do to us if he is able to disarm us. Our second amendment rights to protect ourselves documents our God given right to protect ourselves. The demoncrat’s plan to disarm us should warn everyone that we will be in terrible danger if they achieve their goal. We need our weapons in order to protect ourselves from our government.

  19. If they try taking guns from Legal owners in violation of the second amendment, they will likely start the second version of the civil war, taking guns away from law abiding citizens is a travesty.

  20. Thank the gods for fences, and acreage that precludes observation from anywhere but above, Gunpowder recipes, cast-able wheel weights, and written laws that make antique weapons specifically excluded. I can still shoot rattlesnakes, deer, and Coyotes and Pigs.

  21. Barr sounds like he is part of the deep state, from his last harrah, before heading out the door. What exactly did he do for the time he was there, I can’t think of a whole lot off hand.The FBI is still as corrupt, as usual, CIA is as corrupt as usual, and let’s get to the DOJ, what criminals did they arrest in the coup to overthrow our president and America, nothing that I can think of. There all deep state,plain and simple, Trump rocked there boat, and the rats started jumping ship, the swamp was so deep, no chance of draining this corrupt swamp,pathetic, traitors is what we have,running this government into the ground and hell,is next stop.

  22. I do not know that hanging anybody is the rights answer, possibly an extended vacation (without any type of “perk”) at the Guantanamo Bay resort might be a better answer.
    I am concerned that these jacka**es and their gun confiscation crap will only make matters worse, remember Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin as well as other wannabe dictators did to get to power, 1. Confiscate all weapons from the public (then they can not fight back) and 2. Stop the right of free speech, this crap has already started with the puppets who might , unfortunately occupy the white house.

  23. I can’t figure out why they want to ban these particular weapons. Is one deader if shot by one of them? Actually I know why; it is step one to eliminate all weapons and the 2nd amendment.

  24. well I guess if he wants to bad enough Creepy Joe will probably Grab my “Gun”, but he better NOT lay hands on my constitutionally protected pistol/revolver/shotgun/Rifle

  25. Rwmember…there are many democrats that own guns too…but set aside that….they won’t go after the guns of the drug gangs or the entrenched drug cartels in most large cities…they won’t go after the weapons of ms-13 gang bangers…they won’t go after the guns along the border controlled by drug cartels….and most of all they won’t go after those democrat elites who supported all the vio kkk ence this past summer by antifa and blm….

  26. To overturn our 2nd Amendment would be a disaster for our country. All the guns would end up in the criminals hands. We would have no way to protect ourselves from criminals inside our government and out.

  27. Watch the full length you tube “Innocents Betrayed” to see what the democrats have planned for us.

  28. Watch the full length you tube “innocents betrayed” to see what happens to the citizens of a country who allow their government to disarm them.

  29. Watch the full length You Tube “Innocents Betrayed” to see what the democrats plan to do to us.

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