President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris walk from the Oval Office of the White House Friday, March 12, 2021, to the Rose Garden to deliver remarks on the American Rescue Plan. (Official White House Photo by Lawrence Jackson)

President Biden is expected to pledge that the U.S. will cut greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030 at Thursday’s virtual climate summit, but Republican lawmakers counter that the aggressive target will harm struggling Americans by killing jobs and raising energy costs. 

Biden plans to tackle climate legislation through his $2.3 trillion infrastructure bill, which in addition to rebuilding aging highways, bridges, and rail lines, will invest billions into boosting the electric vehicle market, building energy-efficient homes, and developing technology to mitigate climate change.  

According to the Biden Administration, the bill, which has been dubbed the American Jobs Plan, is an investment into the nation that will “create millions of good jobs,” and address climate inequalities with “clean infrastructure investments” into disadvantaged communities.  

The bill plans to create equity by replacing 100% of the nation’s lead pipes and modernizing clean water systems through grants to disadvantaged communities, incentivizing Americans to buy electric vehicles with sales rebates and tax incentives that make purchasing clean energy vehicles more affordable, and plugging orphan oil and gas wells in hard-hit communities.  

To fund the astronomically expensive proposal, the administration plans to eliminate tax credits and subsidies for fossil fuel producers and raise the corporate tax rate to 28%. 

“It’s like a Trojan horse,” Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., said of the massive bill. “It’s called infrastructure, but inside the Trojan horse it’s going to be more borrowed money, and massive tax increases on all the productive parts of our economy.”

Critics insist that the bill is a government overreach that will reduce private infrastructure investment and replace them with politically selected proposals. 

“The plan represents a huge power grab for the federal government, potentially the largest in decades,” commented David Ditch, budget and transportation associate at the Heritage Foundation. “The infrastructure portion alone would mean federal involvement in projects that are at the heart of local governance, such as school construction and water systems.”

There is also growing concern that Biden’s pledge to achieve a net-zero economy by 2050 will spike energy prices by eliminating tax breaks on fossil fuels, which will adversely affect low-income families by raising the cost of heating homes and fueling gas-powered cars.  

Gregory Wrightstone, the executive director of the CO2 Coalition, said the administration’s climate agenda is designed to “get coal-fired and natural gas-fired electricity prices high enough that then solar and wind become competitive.”

Biden’s investment into electric vehicles also poses problems, by the end of 2019, there were only 7.2 million on the road, in 2030 there will be an estimated 250 million. With the growing demand for electric cars, comes increased need for the lithium-ion batteries that power them. 

Lithium-ore is a rare Earth metal found predominantly in South America, which holds over half the world’s supply. Extracting a metric ton of lithium requires 500,000 gallons of water, and in Chile mining activities have already consumed 65% of the region’s available water. 

The chemicals used to extract the ore have been known to cause air and soil contamination, and Lithium is notoriously difficult to recycle. In Australia, which holds the second-largest reserve, only two percent of the 3,300 metric tons of lithium-ion waste is recycled, the rest ends up in landfills.

Instead of worrying about climate equality, the Biden administration should try to avoid eco- hypocrisy before investing billions into programs and technologies that will harm Americans and the environment.    


  1. Time for the corrupt Democrat’s and the corrupt Biden’s to go: Biden Admin Spent $86.9 Million Housing Migrants in Hotels this is not the Biden’s administrations money. it’s the American tax payors money and congress has not authorized this expenditure, If the “big guy” is so flush dig into some of that 200 million Hunter received from China. Treason, not in your vocabulary?, how about abuse of power,? How about conflict of interest,?

    1. This is Biden’s “Introduction of Undocumented Democrats” to America…otherwise known as illegal immigration by the bumbling idiot.

    2. BUT WHO WILL ENFORCE IT? They are ALL crooked as a snake and that’s giving the snake a bad rap.

      1. Yes, corruption is rampant in our government. Tyranny is what we should focus upon, however. Numb Nuts is dictating to us which Civil Rights we’re going to be deprived of, and he’s arrogantly bypassing Constitutional checks and balances in the process. Neither Numb Nut, or Congress, have the authority to repeal the Bill of Rights. The Framers carefully structured our national charter to prevent just what is occurring today. They also granted Americans the means to unseat these dictators.

  2. Biden Green deal is just more of the Obama crap which cost Americans Billions and we have nothing to show for the money. Biden’s stupid deal will be the same old thing, big money people who support the Democratic Party will get big money to set up companies that will fail right after they get the cash. Biden and his gang of thieves can stick the Green Deal up their asses for it is a total waste of taxpayer money just like Biden’s border policy.

    1. Don’t forget “Obamacare”, which was called the “Affordable Care Act”. My wife’s healthcare premiums have increased significantly since her policy became ‘affordable’.

  3. Those big jets Numb Nuts flies aboard pump the lion’s share of Climate Change gases into our atmosphere. Let’s ALL quit our jobs, quit driving, quit flying, quit mowing our lawns, and quit contributing taxes to the government. Suddenly, our Climate Crusaders will rush to the press rooms to address the gentry with “Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh UH UHH UHHH UUUUUHHHH, I didn’t MEAN WOO HAD TO DODAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT!!!!!!!!!” What a bunch of A’HOLES.

  4. The goal of this regime is to provoke citizens to violence, then institute Martial Law. Actually, that procedure was instituted after 9/11, but the finer points of identifying and eliminating certain forms of speech (You know, “Hate”, “Extremist”, “Nationalist”, etc.) in order to justify enhanced levels of ‘security’ are now being implemented. As I’ve pointed out, none of this is new, except for the advent of technological improvements.

  5. I have a green deal for him. How about he pay back social security all the money him and his corrupt cronies stole from Americans. SOB NEEDS A HEAD CHECK ALONG WITH THE ROTTEN DEMONRATS HE IS PLAYING BALL WITH. HE’S A LIAR, A CHEATER AND A DAMNED THIEF.

  6. By summer gas prices will be over $4.00 a gallon. These idiot Democrats will send jobs out of the country again. They want everyone paying through the nose in taxes ,fuel expenses ,and food prices.The rest will need to apply for welfare.Hope Idiots who voted that ass in will hurt financially the worst.

    1. Just peruse some of those You Tube Aviation videos, where folks like Kerry brandish their wealth and privilege by flying their private jets to work, or to the Bahamas; all this brandishing takes place while an increasing number of Americans find themselves homeless, on the streets, or living in their cars. We do know this annoying trait was a significant factor in their being ‘removed’ from Russia, and most likely France..

    1. Numb Nuts definitely relishes sniffing and nuzzling/kissing little girls. He claims he’s just being affectionate, but there are indications here of latent pedophilia during these episodes.

  7. Hey Sleepy Creepy Joe take you climate change and shove it up you where the sun don’t shine!

  8. Follow the science! We are now into the cooling off period with the sun. We had 40 years of warming and now the sun has shifted and the sun spots are no longer causing warming. We entered this phase nearly 3 years ago. This global warming BS is just another way for Gore and Kerry to flit around in their won planes and look like they are wise, when in fact they are dumb as rocks about the heating up of the earth but coy as can be about raping the world of their money with this BS.

  9. He is doing everything he can to defunk America and it’s ppl. Spending money like water and it’s all coming from taxisation. The left needs to go now. In a year there will be no America. That’s just what soreass wants

    1. I’ll vote for that. Trump articulated those sentiments, and if he was given a second term, he would have had the political gravitas to truly drain our swamp of Globalists, Shysters, Pedophiles and other shady characters who seek to dismantle our Constitution, and dissolve our sovereign borders.

  10. These IDIOTS in the wh, I’m sure we all know who, not going to keep naming them. He HAS NOT kept one campaign promise, he’s actually done the opposite!!! He is spending TAX PAYER MONEY, AND WE DON’T EVEN HAVE IT!!! I feel terrible about the world that are grandchildren are inheriting, SS it will be gone. You see these COMMUNIST PEOPLE have PLENTY OF MONEY, MONEY I AM SURE THAT’S GOTTEN ILLEGALLY!!! THIS MAN IS CLEARLY OUT OF HIS MIND!!!! SO FU@&ING SAD IS OUR COUNTRY RIGHT NOW!!!

    1. Campaigns are showcases for demagogues to cast pearls among the ignorant swine. It should not matter one iota who occupies the White House, Congress, State Government offices or Law Enforcement positions. Those people have limits to their authority. They swear oaths to affirm their recognition of those limits. When people hear politicians declare their Bill of Rights as being the domain of their leaders to restrict or repeal, THAT is when we should take action and remove those tyrants.


  12. Meantime at the open border unaccompanied minors are refilling dems pedo rings, they are not being reunited with their family, they are being hoarded by dem Congress Mike Levin and San Diego Board of Supervisors Nora Vargas, girls 12-17 to the San Diego Convention Center from Texas instead of taking them to their family, the dem are stocking their prostitution pedophile rings the latest news is they are also going to Los Angeles and the human trafficking task force in California is being defunded check video “Uncovering Human Trafficking in California | Greg Jones”. 

    1. The coming Maxwell Trial transcripts may contain the names of certain individuals–including public officials–involved with the trafficking and/or sexual exploitation of children. Then again, she might commit ‘suicide’ before those handles are heard by the public. In any case, there are still child prostitution activities occurring worldwide. As of late, there have been seizures of Child Sex Dolls at our borders, so by hook or by crook, those pedophiles will satisfy their illicit cravings one way or another.

  13. Will Biden pay for my tomato plants which froze after one of the latest snowfalls on record here in the midwest which set a number of records. So much for his man made greenhouse warming BS, which is still the basis for the global warming hoax which is now climate change since the warming thing isn’t working out that well for them.

  14. America, you are going to pay for all these Biden programs evertime you go to any checkout stand. Have you been keeping notice of beef prices lately??? That is just the beginning.

    1. Everything costs more when liberals occupy governments. I am curious to know if Numb Nuts owns any energy stocks, particularly the oil variety.

  15. HIS BS is SOOOOOO BAG even this dumb ass is believing his OWN BS. Maybe the thinks we are swallowing it too. His caring about the poor is about the same as Stalin care for his as he executed millions. GOODBYE AMERICA, been nice knowing you with fond memories turning into nightmares. ANY ideas how this will end. Mine are not so good and hope for better.

    1. There may be a few Americans who believe the election was legitimate, but after Numb Nuts implements the more tyrannical elements of his agendas, even those fools will regret their folly.

  16. The condemned-o-crats never think ahead. That is one of the things we not-leftists hold dear – our right to think as independent people, not just allow someone to tell us how and what to think.

    The only problem is when they are in control….opposite of the King Midas situation – everything they touch turns to $h1+ and worse.

  17. The simplistic plan is amazing…. once they shut down oil, coal, manufacturing, and so many other fields of business, there will be no companies producing “greenhouse gases” and nobody will be able to afford to drive, so obviously, the plan is to practically kill us all by 2030.


    1. Oil should not be our concern, as far as our being hamstrung by cartels and other foreign entities. America not only contains all the oil we need within our boundaries, we have technology to advance non-fossil fuel vehicles, and renewable energy sources to wean our population off of those commodities. I’ll agree with AOC on those points, but I’m not onboard with the “Climate Change” canard.

  18. The Biden Harris administration plan is to prioritize legislation that will do the most harm to we the people.

  19. We can compare such regimes to quicksand. In that environment, the more one wiggles, the deeper they’ll be mired in the pit. They’re (government/media) making Americans wiggle; provoking us to protest, petition our leadership, surrender our rights and witness the dysfunction they’re creating within our cultures. Watching from the shore, our government will arrogantly allow us to sink into debt, proxy wars, homelessness, cultural dystopia, globalist dissolving of our sovereign borders, and the inexorable growth of the size/scope/cost/authority of our administration. They’re laughing as we take our last fitful breaths. It’s time to drain the pit, and restore our Rights, our Borders and our Sovereignty.

  20. Americans have a front row seat to witness the formation of a dictatorial regime. The profusion of contentious issues emanating from the White House and Congress fairly illustrate how such administrations are able to assume powers they’re not Constitutionally authorized to exercise by the sheer volume of such activities overwhelming citizen efforts to inhibit government growth.

    They’re supposed to provide for the security of our Sovereign Borders. Instead, they’re waving God Knows Who into our nation, and arranging for their taxpayer support and voting rights. (If one needs a clue as to why these people are leaving their own countries, it’s because of their voting records….)

    Our administrations are supposed to avoid international entanglements. Meanwhile, they’re embroiling our nation in proxy wars, foreign intrigue, Global This and That Treaties, etc., while they eschew conducting their domestic chores.

    The Constitution stipulates that our government is supposed to promote the general welfare. This language was somehow ‘interpreted’ to authorize our public officials to focus their attention on blacks, women, homosexuals, transgender weirdos and now trans-species nuts, generating a hubris of entitlement and legislative protections wholly out of context with that Constitutional provision, while the government inexorably expands with authority to minister to these factions.

    We’re supposed to have a Free Press under the 1st Amendment, but it’s obvious that the Democrats own and operate our media outlets. Any attempt to relate such topics will result in said media conducting psychological evaluations of their accusers. (Yes, something similar occurred in the former Soviet Union…)

    Our leaders stabbed American workers in the back by allowing the offshoring of our jobs, factories and service sectors. This is definitely not any function of our administration, but they’ve turned their backs on their own people to enrich mega corporation investors.

    Our country is n serious trouble, and just the fact that we’ve experienced a coup during our last election should raise many Red Flags among the gentry. If we d not reverse this trend, then history will indeed repeat itself, as tyranny and oppression formulate right under our noses.

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