Chinese-U.S. relations are at a low point. Factors like the ongoing trade war, rising tensions in geopolitical hotspots like the South China Sea, and Beijing’s loosening grip on information control, in addition to other factors, are to blame for this. The intensifying cold war has revealed to the average Americans the severity of the threat that China poses on a global scale and many are wondering just how embedded the Chinese Communist Party is in U.S. institutions.

It turns out China has a massive amount of influence over some, most troubling America’s university system.

Here are some of the most prominent universities that take cash from dubious Chinese sources: 

New York University 

Jonathan71 via Wikimedia Commons

New York University has received just under $50 million from Chinese donors. These contributions come from Chinese companies and generally go to the technology department.

Stanford University 

King of Hearts via Wikimedia Commons

Stanford University has taken nearly $60 million from Chinese donors. However, there are real strings attached and plenty of implications that accompany them. China is well known for enforcing its will through soft power; American companies that do business there are often forced to comply.

University of Pennsylvania 

Bohao Zhao via Wikimedia Commons

The University of Pennsylvania has taken close to $70 million from China. That number may only represent the proverbial tip of the iceberg. Many observers speculate that there may be more foreign donations that the administration has not disclosed. 

University of Southern California

Brion VIBBER via Wikimedia Commons

The University of Southern California has taken around $70 million from China. USC is no stranger to Chinese-centric controversy. Recently, an ex-admissions officer admitted to helping Chinese nationals fake their applications.

Harvard University

User:Chensiyuan via Wikimedia Commons

America’s premier institution of higher learning, Harvard University is by far the worst offender when it comes to raking in money from China. Harvard has amassed close to $100 million from Chinese backers. China is the world’s largest intellectual property thief and it is likely that Beijing is using universities like Harvard to facilitate their pastime of ripping Americans off.

The Trump administration is currently working on making colleges and universities more transparent when it comes to disclosing foreign donations, contracts, and gifts as many have not been despite the laws in place.

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Stephen Russell
Stephen Russell
2 months ago

Take ALL down, deny Fed funds for A-Z

1 month ago

I would tell these russian and chinese punks one more incident and the US will tack on a 100 percent tariff on any and all goods coming into the country and that is just for starters.

1 month ago

Treat all administrators of those universities as traitors and throw them into jail for life or firing squad.