Photo edit of January 6th protests. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Pop Acta.
Photo edit of January 6th protests. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Pop Acta.

In a recent appearance on Human Events, John Solomon, the founder of Just The News, joined Jack Posobiec to shed light on a significant revelation concerning the well-known Capitol Hill protests that occurred on January 6, 2021. This revelation, which seems to have been intentionally disregarded by many, exposed a shocking truth.

Solomon exposed what he believes to be manipulation by the January 6 House committee, unveiling striking allegations of tampering with the tapes from that fateful day, saying:

“Everything about January 6 was scripted.”

Delving further into his investigation, Solomon uncovered additional peculiarities. While meticulously reviewing the security footage, he discovered a perplexing inconsistency—a significant number of scenes were oddly devoid of sound, indicating that the audio had been manipulated. Solomon’s claims suggest that specific audio segments were deliberately inserted into the footage, creating a false perception of heightened violence and chaos during the events of January 6th. These manipulations were intended to deceive viewers and distort the narrative, painting a picture that deviated from the actual level of violence and chaos that took place.

According to Human Events:

Solomon then said, “But there was, I saw it in the January 6 hearings,” before making his explosive allegation:

“Well guess what? It was faked. The sound was dubbed in basically, the January 6 committee faked the tapes. They faked the American people by adding sound that wasn’t on the tapes.”

Earlier in the interview, a video of the events discussed by Solomon showed a group of Congressmen and their security detail leaving the Capitol, seemingly not in a hurry. Nancy Pelosi can be seen casually strolling along with others in a hallway, along with her cameraman and daughter, Alexandra Pelosi, who was shooting the whole thing.

Solomon commented on the Pelosis’ conduct, saying they “were doing this Hollywood style,” and that they did not consider this to be a “crisis moment,” but rather a “political movie moment.” He additionally pointed out that Pelosi had at one time spoken about the “trauma” that was supposedly endured during that evacuation.

John Solomon’s allegations on Human Events shed light on potential misrepresentation and manipulation by the House Committee regarding the events of January 6th. This calls into question the integrity of the official narrative and the credibility of the public hearings. It emphasizes the importance of transparency and unbiased reporting, urging us to reassess our trust in official narratives and pursue truth despite possible deception. Additionally, the casual demeanor of figures like Nancy Pelosi during critical moments is revealing. These revelations offer insight into politically charged narratives, highlighting the need for ongoing scrutiny and the pursuit of truth.


  1. Well, of course it’s edited. The D’marxists hired a Hollywood producer to make this fake Documentary. Very similar to the Russian Document, FAKE!

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  4. “what he believes”!!!??? January 6th was an insurrection and those who participated are traitors!!

  5. We’ll arrest these idiots.Just more talk that goes no where. They’re destroying peoples lives so do something besides just talking

  6. Carefully edited and enhanced video with added sound! That sure makes it sound legitimate! In a legitimate court that would be thrown out!

  7. As always, when trying to hide the truth, the stink permeates everything. The stink coming off the dem’s is overpowering.

  8. Pelosi could come right out and admit the whole thing was staged and they still wouldn’t do a damn thing about it!

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