Outreach coordinator from Boston Health Care engages in a conversation with a homeless Korean War veteran on a city sidewalk. November, 2013.
Outreach coordinator from Boston Health Care engages in a conversation with a homeless Korean War veteran on a city sidewalk. November, 2013.

The New York Post is reporting that according to a nonprofit organization that supports homeless veterans, nearly twenty struggling veterans have been forced to leave upstate hotels to accommodate illegal immigrants. These veterans, some as young as 24 years old, are now facing displacement so that accommodations can be provided for illegal immigrants, many of whom lack valid reasons for being in the country other than seeking work opportunities. The individuals who bravely served our nation are being uprooted and pushed aside to make way for those who have unlawfully entered the country.

The veterans had initially found temporary accommodation in three separate upstate hotels. However, it is widely speculated that the veterans were displaced due to the arrival of illegal immigrants. As a result, all twenty veterans have been relocated to a hotel in the Hudson Valley.

Originally, the veterans were scheduled to stay in these hotels for a maximum of four weeks while efforts were made to secure permanent housing for them. Unfortunately, their stay was abruptly cut short to make room for the increasing influx of illegal immigrants who have recently entered the country. The situation is expected to worsen further with the termination of Title 42, which has been used to manage border crossings.

The predicament has led to a division between Mayor Eric Adams and officials at the local level, leaving the well-being of the veterans in a precarious position. Eric Adams has consistently criticized the Biden administration for their inadequate handling of border issues. The Washington Post has even reported that the current state of affairs at the border is the most severe it has ever been, with a record-breaking number of over 10,000 illegal immigrants crossing daily this week. This surge in illegal crossings has intensified the challenges faced by the veterans.


  1. As a Veteran I am appalled at the city doing this. I will never go to NY ever. Which wont be hard because I live in NM. I would not pay to get a plane or bus ticket there. They can cut the state out of the country for all I care

  2. If any group needs this shelter it is the Veteran’s. Why are Vets always getting the Shzzzy end of the stick.

  3. Point One: We do have an immigration policy and President Biden is violating the law, he’s directing other Executive Agencies to break Federal Law to appease sentiment rather than follow legal Immigration Policy arrived at through compromise agreement in the legislature and signed off by both Party’s and the President at the time!
    Point Two: It’s worth citing to the 2 generations not alive at the time.Both Party’s agreed in 1986, that if President Reagan gave an Amnesty to the 30 mm illegal Aliens in the Country at that time;’there would be no future amnesties or breaks for future illegal aliens. Both Democrats and Republics agreed to this principle & created this binding covenant. President Biden was an office holder at this time and bound to these terms. However, he is not a man of his word and you count on him honoring his word, nor Party pledge. He’s a pure Marxist.

  4. My God have we fallen deeply as a nation. America being destroyed by this elite scum in D.C. that is supposed to be leading us is unforgivable, and if this evil does not stop they will be stopped by whatever means we need to use. Enough of this anti-American marxist experiment from these leftist loons!

  5. This is an American Tragedy and the Biden Band of Terrorists are totally responsible. I have said this before, the longer the Democrats control our Government and weaken the minds of the American people, the closer we get to a Civil War.

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