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An LGBT Pediatrician is now coming that children can begin sex changes at the age of 10.

As The Daily Wire reports:

Rep. Dan Frankel (D-PA) recently interviewed a self-described “LGBTQIA+ advocate” and pediatrician at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, who said children can begin to medically transition genders as early as 10 years old, and minor females can have their breasts removed.

To clear up the so-called misinformation surrounding the medical culture war involving transgender youth, Dr. Gerald Montano, who also works as the assistant professor of pediatrics at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and adolescent medicine physician at Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh, explained to Frankel what “gender-affirming care” looks like for children at five and 10 years old.

Montano, who also runs a gender and sexuality program at the hospital, said rather than providing medical intervention for a five year old, doctors refer the child to a therapist who explores their so-called gender identity “to make them feel comfortable with how they feel about themselves.”

“For a 10 year old, that really depends on where they are in puberty because for some people — especially those who are assigned female at birth — they might start having signs of puberty,” Montano said. “And then there is a discussion on whether or not puberty blockers may be warranted for that individual because they can become really distressed if they’re starting to develop secondary sex characteristics that really distresses them.”

Last month the FDA issued a warning indicating that puberty blockers could cause a host of harmful side effects in the children who take them.


  1. At 10 years old , is he for real or plain stupid and a demon to boot . The insanity needs to be stopped and them put in insane wards . Why not build large hospitals for the ones saying the insanity . We the normals deserve protection more because We are not crazy and they are .

  2. Where are the parents allowing their child to hear such garbage, from anyone? Growing up, I may have wanted to be a boy because they were able to do certain things, but everyone around me kept telling me I was a girl, making me feel special because I was a girl. I believe the one who influenced me the most was grandpa. He bought me girl things, and at times showed me how special I was being a girl. where are people in the lives of these children to show them how precious they are for being a girl or boy? I feel this doctor only wants to mutilate these children so he can hurt them more through sex.

  3. The blocker should be against this obvious gay trans Dr..ten year olds still want Mom and Dad…They arn’t sure if basketball or swimming will be the most fun…Maybe skate boarding or chear leading…To complicate a child with that kind of adult decision is criminal…

  4. monkeypox🐒 was just found to be only a sexually transmitted disease not from touching lesions this is why so many gays are getting it…So they should not sexually shoot in the poop💩shoot..or mouth. that’s how you get it 💩it was just reported on C.B.S……. enjoy your lesions Doc

  5. Clearly child abuse. Fortunately, one or more states have had the wisdom to so define it. I wouldn’t want to live in a state that won’t do so.

  6. How tragic to have someone in a position of trust, be so deceived in not only facilitating, but actively promoting the mutilation of perfect little bodies. He directly violates the Hyppocratic oath which states, “Above all, I must not play God.” How he maintains a license and is allowed to continue practicing is an affront to the true medical profession, and a dangerous disservice to the community.

  7. Isaiah 5:20 says “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil: that put darkness for light, and light for darkness: that put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.” Transgenderism is demonic and those who push it are under demonic influence. It is better for them to tie millstone around their neck and throw themselves into the deepest part of the ocean than to have to be judged by God for destroying young precious innocent children and rejecting Jesus. I pray they repent and turn from their evil wicked ways. God wants nobody to perish, but the Bible is very clear that their are more that will go to hell than go to heaven because they chose to. We are truly in the last of the last days before Jesus comes back. JESUS IS LORD!!!

  8. This sick S.O.C. shouldn’t be a doctor, especially around children. His mother should have swallowed the day he was conceived. The world would be a better place.

  9. let’s get rid of these dangers people please you sick F— leave kids alone there not mature enough for this bullish–

  10. If at ten a child smart enough to know thier in the wrong body, then at ten they must know right from wrong . There for charged with murder if they should brake the law be charged as an adult.

  11. This nut case is a professor and on staff at a real hospital? Wow-that shows the pure stupidity of those in charge at both facilities-purely stupid and demonic! God help us!

  12. I certainly would not send my child to the Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital with this Moron as their Pediatrician. How in God’s Name did we get to this point in time? If we are not in “End Times” as described in Revelations, then I certainly don’t know what the “Fall of Rome” revisited looks like.

  13. Dr Seuss wrote about Star Belly Sneeches and Starless Belly ones that felt inferior. Can we no invent a Chinese lab additive to make sex determination to human species so as to make all babies be born with two sets of sex organs that allow ALL to decide 24/7 which to be? Stupid idea, but it would put the crazy docs out of business. But it would make urinals be useful to all, but bladder size has to be smaller. How crazy can this insanity get?

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