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Florida governor Ron DeSantis is having a blast poking fun at the far-left Democrats who are fleeing their own oppressive COVID lockdown policies for the freedom of Florida. “If I had a dollar for every lockdown politician who decided to escape to Florida over the last two years, I’d be a pretty doggone wealthy man, let me tell you,” DeSantis joked at a press conference one week ago. “I mean, Congress people, mayors, governors, I mean you name it.”

Fox News reported:

That remark was made after progressive Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., was spotted vacationing in Florida, hanging out at a crowded outdoor bar without a mask.

Another Democrat, Rep. Eric Swalwell of California, was also seen in Florida in recent days as he vacationed with family members. California is among the strictest states in the nation when it comes to pandemic policies.

“It’s interesting the reception that some of these folks will get in Florida,” the governor said at the press conference, “because I think a lot of Floridians say, ‘Wait a minute you’re bashing us because we’re not doing your draconian policies, and yet we’re the first place you want to flee to, to basically to be able to enjoy life.’”

But now it’s official. The DeSantis campaign is selling ‘Escape to Florida’ t-shirts, which reference how several prominent Democrats have recently been caught vacationing in Florida while their own states have strict pandemic policies.

To promote their t-shirt, the DeSantis campaign launched a new video that includes a shot of the governor putting on sunglasses and saying, “Welcome to Florida.”

See the campaign video here:

Found on the campaign website, and designed to mimic a rock band concert tour, the front of the t-shirts says: “Escape to Florida/The Lockdown Libs tour” with an “Open” sign on an outline of the state.

“We don’t blame you … we like freedom, too,” the back of the shirt says, underneath a list of Democrats – including the governors of states such as Connecticut, Michigan and New Jersey – and where in Florida they stayed.

The new T-shirts are the latest in a line of merchandise the campaign’s been selling in recent months, which also includes “Don’t tread on Florida” and “Don’t Fauci my Florida” items.

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    1. Agreed, they need to stay in their own want to be socialist states/cities and take more boosters and see what happens? Might be a way to rid us of some radical Democrats and even up the score on their push for illegal immigrant votes!

  1. LISTEN UP….HOW about WE TRADE California GOVERNOR for FLORIDA GOV..DESANTIS. DESANTIS is WORTH His Weight in GOLD. From SamuraiQueen. 😄😄😄

    1. Hmmm … flaw in your logic – who in the WORLD would want Newsome?
      Course he is Pelosi’s son-in-law, so what can you expect?

    2. Ah no. You all had a chance to get rid of him and screwed that up. He is yours until the end of his term, then put him in a boat and push him out to sea.

  2. Good for DiSantis. Keep putting it on these hypocritical bastards .. Hopefully they will pop off to the wrong group down there and get their ass kicked .. Throw their ass out of the State. Let them go back and Waller in their own shit they created

    1. Well said Crozdawg .Sending the ILLEGALS to A–H—- State is what all states with GUTS should do. Also include Pig A– from CA. with them as they all belong together.

  3. Democrat politicians are such hypocrites.
    On a side note: Too bad for Florida that TOO MANY PEOPLE ARE ESCAPING TO FLORIDA!!! That’s why the once tropical 🌴 paradise is rapidly becoming one huge overpopulated, concrete parking lot with too many short-fused hotheads.
    Indeed, paradise lost.
    Remember, even California wax once a mostly conservative state. Florida is barely a Republican state as it is. (Although the old conservatives who moved down there decades ago from Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, NJ and even New York won’t admit the changing demographics of Florida….much like the changing face of America as well.)

  4. Throw all communist democrat pedophile racist cult party members out of our country and exile them in the beautiful one party system of Afghanistan!

  5. use the lemons to make lemonade. There are a lot of “lemons” heading to Florida, I applaud Governor DeSantis ability to capitalize on their hypocrisy

  6. The democrats are lost in a delusion.
    They gripe, complain, ruin their cities, complaining about Florida, and then come to Florida to be free…. Maybe they can learn a thing or two.

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