Republican candidate for Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin / Photo by Glenn Youngkin via Wikimedia Commons

Glenn Youngkin is being called the winner in Virginia’s Gubernatorial Election.

Multiple outlets are now calling it for Youngkin who has significantly outperformed Trump from last year.

And Youngkin is OVERPERFORMING his predicted path:

Tonight can be seen as nothing but a big victory for Glenn Youngkin and Republicans all across the country.

The story is BREAKING continue to check back for updates.


    1. There are more American voters than globalist puppet, libby snow flake sheep voters and illegal criminal invader voters .

  1. Now the democrats will say that the 3000000 mail in ballots that the USPS failed to deliver cost them this race. Although the USPS has assured the DNC that all of those ballots got delivered. But, they have already filed lawsuit

  2. I am thrilled ! I pray that “ We the people “ knew that there would be cheating and it was nipped in the bid! I am so proud that Youngkin won !

    1. Let’s ALL Chill, folks! It’s EARLY! I want this thing ETCHED IN STONE and ENTOMBED IN HEAVY CHAINS and GUARDED BY A S.W.A.T. TEAM!!!

  3. This is great news but beware of a sudden surge after midnight or this thing taking weeks to be decided…the leftwing machine is built to cheat…..

  4. If the democrats have won then the people in that state deserve the consequences that would follow and they would not be good for the people!

    1. True to a certain extent…but, take a close look at IL. Redistricting, corruption and graft on a level not seen in most places has made IL a one party state. Any resistance to dimwit control by the GOP in IL is nominal. It’s usually made by a rino that’s already made a deal to fall in line. When this happens on the scale it has in IL, the average vote no longer counts. This is the state that produce the obama’s.

      1. They’ve got a semi trailer FULL of Virginia ballots coming in from California. McAuliffe will “pull it out by a Whisker” about 5 AM.

        1. And if one semi trailer FULL of Virginia ballots coming in from california is not enough, they will have one semi trailer FULL of Virginia ballots coming in from new york .

    1. The night isn’t over. Put Republican guards at all voting booth locations and also counting new and mail in votes!

    2. globalists used enough voter fraud to keep it closer that it should have been, fortunately globalists under estimated the number of American voters just like they did in 2016, Let’s go Brandon .

  5. Thank God! Those stinking mail in ballots they thought they could cheat with couldn’t surpass all the votes he had ! THANK YOU GOD! I AM SO PROUD OF THE PEOPLE IN VIRGINIA THAT GOT UP AND VOTED THEIR WONDERFUL BUTTS OFF! THIS IS WHAT WE ALL HAVE TO DO TO BEAT THEIR CHEATING! CONGRATS VIRGINIA!

  6. Good to hear that Republicans are making inroads into the elections. The Dems are long overdue for being put out to pasture, permanently`!

    1. globalist puppet demonrats are put out to pasture during many elections and then globalists start to count their voter fraud .

    Meaningless! Communists have penetrated every aspect of the United States including West Point for decades. Cheering over innings in a baseball game without a chance of winning the world series is a fouls passion.

  8. Glory hallelujah. God does not take Cat Nap, His eyes is open always. Congratulation Glenn, you deserve to be the Governor.

  9. We should all be in prayer that all of our members of government are convicted and guided by the Holy Spirit. Those who refuse to be should be deposed of authority. Very happy for Governor Youngkin!

  10. Du…mass loses again…there’s a HUGE freight train coming next year (ALL OVER THE USA) and it will be VERY bad for the idiots that brought this train wreck of a gov’t in to RUIN our country…’bout to RISE UP!!!

  11. Yes but the dems cheat and that cheating iosn’t over yet… these dems need to held accountable for their actions then maybe they may get the idea…

    1. EXACTLY! We need some RETROACTIVE Charges and Indictments for the CROOKED SHIT ALREADY COMMITTED!
      Tampering with/Cheating in an ELECTION is one of the Most EGREGIOUS. SERIOUS Crimes EVER!
      There SHOULD BE Executions involved if there was to be True, FAIR Justice!

  12. It sounds as if the Lefties pushed the envelope too far, showed their true colors and Virginians awoke and spoke out against all the repulsive bulls***. If this victory is true, thanks be to God!

    1. We’ll SEE. I think it was Convincing enough to have him tuck his tail and cower and pout for the foreseeable future; Hopefully FOREVER.
      He’s a Twisted WICKED man and NEEDS to just Disappear.

  13. Another nail in the democrats coffin and they won’t be able to pry it off no matter how much belly aching they do.

    1. Jiminy F’ing Cricket!!! Don’t EVER say That!!!
      Bring ALL the nails ya’ CAN and Start hammerin’ and DON’T lose the rhythm!!!

  14. Congratulations! Remove all the horrible laws that the demonic Governor put in place and let babies live God bless Virginia and God bless Glenn Youngkin Well done

  15. Thank God for this, at least Virginia’s children can be saved from the monstrous sexualization and paedophilia casually inflicted upon them by the dimocratic turds on some school boards, and fully supported by McCauliff.

      When you’ve sunk as far and as bad as we have,
      ONE step at a time and KEEP MOVING!

  16. You forget. All the cheating in 2020 was well after the polls had closed. The election officials are not done yet “finding” more ballots. Pray. God can still intervene and stop the vile Democrats.

  17. A good start for VA. However, let’s all hope this new Gov doesn’t suddenly reveal himself as a rino as so many others have. Let’s all hope the ‘forever appointed, never fired’ dimwit drones don’t block every change he tries to implement, and mostly, keep your collective fingers crossed votes don’t suddenly show up via long-hauler. Get past all of that, and the road will still be long and rocky…dimwits don’t go away, they find another way to cheat.

    1. Absolutely! VIGILANCE is Mandatory!
      They are but slightly wounded. We can do sone Partying when the Evil sons o’ b tches are DEAD!

  18. Ha ha ha ha ha god failed to allow his globalists and demonrats and rinos to steal the election, Let’s go VA voters .

    1. God is NOT on the side of Communist thinking GLOBALISM, I Assure you! It is MAN’s weakness that brings that shit on! EVERYTHING in Life should be on MERIT___ it’s the WAY God set the World up.
      Try getting to Heaven if you DON’T DESERVE TO BE THERE!!!

  19. Another one bites the dust!


    Rid all offices of these communist pedophile democrat cult party members!

  20. The vote rigging must have been greatly held in check otherwise the Dems would have flooded the system with fake and falsified votes.

    I hope this win will give Chuckie and Nan some acid indigestion due to a preview of what’s coming next November, or sooner if there are some Dem early retirements or recalls.

    1. Mizzzzz PIGlosi and Cryin’ Lyin’ Chuck having indigestion is a Very pleasant thought. That isn’t right of me, I know, but those two disgusting HOLES of the ASS have caused me SO much grief and angst and outright ANGER!

    1. Yes, Nasty Crooked Joe “might” have been WITHIN 10 points in Virginia, ONLY because they’ve become a “Traitorous to their Heritage” hotbed of Godless Liberal Democrats in recent times.

  21. You see what happens when cheating is made almost impossible. President Trump made sure they blocked 100K fake mail in ballots No more cheating. And Military are watching all teh races. RED WAVE COMING Get your sun glasses, its getting hot <3

  22. Trump may not have actively supported or campaigned for Younkin but Younkin benefitted from Trump in the sense that many people in VA (and across the U.S.), have seen the difference in the economy and America’s position on the world stage from the greater stance we had under President Trump vs. the Democrat Debacle that is currently sinking the ship with bloated pork tax and spend and some of the most mind-numbing economic and geopolitical decisions ever made by a sitting president. Congrats to Younkin and VA voters for recognizing a major change is needed. I hope this is the snowball that turns into an avalanche for the 2022 Mid-Terms!!

  23. I love Red, We Have Won, Blue is Dead, The Elephant stomped the Donkey, Democrats are Losers, McAuliffe is a Loser, No matter what or how you say it, YOUNGKIN WON!

  24. Trump elections were rigged and it is being proved. The fake news is just that, FAKE! Congratulations on one state watching the polls so the cheating Dimwit Nitwits could not fix this election TOO!

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