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President Biden’s approval rating has been steadily declining for weeks now but has recently taken a major hit in swing-state Iowa.

Fox News reports:

More Iowans disapprove of the job Biden is doing than approve – Biden has a 43% approval rating and 52% disapproval rating, according to a recent Des Moines Register/Mediacom Iowa poll. Five percent of people polled said they are not sure whether they approve or disapprove.

Vice President Harris faced similar numbers. Fifty percent expressed disapproval of Harris’ job performance compared to 42% who approved.

Biden’s job approval numbers among Republican versus Democratic Iowans are miles apart. Eighty-nine percent of Democrats approve of Biden compared to just 6% of Republicans, according to the June Iowa poll.

However, in March, Biden was doing much better in Iowa. His approval rating was 47% and his disapproval rating was 44%.

The recent poll revealed Iowans approve of Biden’s handling of some issues like Coronavirus but disapprove of his handling of issues like immigration and criminal justice reform.


  1. Just wait a few more months… Give obiden a year and see what the people approving his management…. If we live that long….

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