Covid-19 Mask Hanging From Street Sign.
Covid-19 Mask Hanging From Street Sign.

As New York City and Los Angeles County have gone back to recommending masking, should we continue to live life normally, or, should we follow the experts? The C.D.C. has officially started advising people to wear a mask on a county-by-county basis depending on community COVID-19 levels.

If COVID-19 doesn’t scare you, what about a “tripledemic?” Which is just media language for “cold and flu season.” The dramatically named “tripledemic” consists of Coronavirus, or, COVID-19; influenza, better known as “the flu;” and respiratory syncytial virus, known as R.S.V., which has symptoms that are described by the CDC as “similar to the common cold.”

In the United States, people have grown tired of the constant vaccinations and constant masking. The experts were wrong or lied throughout much of the process, including the origins of the virus; forcing us to lock ourselves in our homes for months on end; their lies saying that peer reviewed studies about the effeciasy of masks preventing the spread of COVID-19; then, worst of all, the experts and politicians cohersian of the average citizen to force them to get vaccinated with a vaccine that doesn’t work as told.

Even recently, when asked in a deposition, Dr. Fauci “can’t remember” studies proving that masks are effective in stopping the spread of COVID-19.

Syra Madad, senior director of the systemwide special pathogens program at New York City Health + Hospitals said:

“The basic truth is that masks work,”

“Whether you’re talking about Covid-19 or other respiratory viruses like R.S.V. and flu, wearing a mask will help protect you against all these respiratory viral illnesses.”


  1. and still the commie democrat pedophile racist woke cult party allows an open border policy to allow all the unknowns unidentifiable border insurgents free access and money to come into America and spread all the disease they have to spread to us in America
    commie democrat pedophiles destroying America for stipends from china and russia

  2. Masks are ineffective and dangerous to wear on a daily basis for long periods of time. If you are going to wear a mask for protection then you would need to change it out every time you touched some kind of surface (counter, door knob, window, chair, table, etc.) that has been touched by someone else due to cross contamination (see link below). Also masks other than the N95 are junk because they do not filter out the very small virus droplets and prevent spreading these microscopic pathogens.

  3. Everyone with a brain knows that masks don’t stop viral transmission. However, when three viruses team up, the masks are effective. When teamed, three become big enough to be stopped by the mask.
    Everyone knows that. Everyone without a brain, that is.

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