When we got this gem from Brown University Professor Emily Oster’s writings in The Atlantic, about a made-up term called “Pandemic Amnesty,” the tides were starting to evidently turn. Now, over two years removed from the COVID-19 pandemic, the left is in full retreat and begging for forgiveness after supporting the widespread in-home detainment of working-class American citizens, and mass vaccinations – which were required if you wanted to live a life even somewhat similar to your pre-pandemic lifestyle.

The Atlantic’s piece about requesting forgiveness for their overreaction to a minor virus, NBC news (finally) choosing to report on the dangerous and potentially life-threatening reactions to the COVID-19 vaccines, Anthony Fauci stepping down in 2023, and CNN’s decision to stop reporting on the virus nearly 24/7 all are occurring around the same time. While it’s unlikely that the left feels remorse for their actions throughout the pandemic, and they likely don’t care if the vaccines they forced you to get make you ill later in life, one message is clear – they need to run with winning political strategies, and COVID-19 has run its course.

The more Americans continue to be removed from the pandemic the more they have grown to disdain the left’s fear-mongering that kept them from being able to live a normal life. During the beginning of the COVID-19 lockdowns, while the left was still attempting to scare Americans into believing that COVID-19 was an airborne plague, 80-year-old Nancy Pelosi took a break from making millions in stock trading during the pandemic to go and get her hair done in secrecy. At this point in the pandemic, even Pelosi was more afraid of being seen outside her home during the pandemic more so than she was afraid of the pandemic itself.

The left also inflated the effectiveness of the vaccines. When the inventor of MRNA vaccines, Robert Malone, was saying that the mRNA COVID-19 vaccinations weren’t properly tested, didn’t mitigate the spread of the virus, and were intentionally dangerous, the media began to attack Malone. Robert Malone is in essence the most reputable source for COVID-19 vaccination information since he is the creator of the science behind the vaccines. However, the left was more interested in jabbing everyone, from every working-class person, to every child. They were more than content with keeping Americans poor, unemployed, isolated, and keeping American children from receiving an education if they didn’t comply with the vaccination requirements.

Myocarditis can be defined simply as inflammation of the muscles in the heart that causes heart palpitations, differences in heart rate, difficulty breathing, and can lead to a heart attack or stroke, and largely mimics the symptoms of acute coronary syndrome. mRNA vaccines since their breakthrough in being widely used for COVID-19 have been long suspected of potentially causing myocarditis. The NIH, which Dr. Anothy Fauci is the head of, even acknowledges this. While the NIH website considers this side effect to be “rare,” they go on to list that only the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines (Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna) have shown myocarditis as a potential side effect of the vaccine, while the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, which is not mRNA, hasn’t shown a similar issue.

Perhaps the most concerning is that myocarditis appears to be not only the more prevalent, but perhaps exclusive to young males (ages 16 through 39 years old,) according to both the CDC and the NIH. Many of the studies looking into heart issues don’t involve subjects under the age of 16, and there is a widespread fear that developing hearts like those found in children under the age of 16 may be affected just the same.

Evidence has also shown that there is a direct link between mRNA vaccines and someone’s likelihood of falling victim to myocarditis.

The effects of myocarditis following the mRNA COVID-19 vaccine options can be detected very early, often within just three weeks after the second dose of the vaccine. However, treatment options for inflammation of the hearts muscles are limited, and it’s debatable whether the limited protection against COVID-19 that the vaccine affords is worth the risk of contracting a potentially deadly cardiovascular issue.


  1. Never forget, but with the proper amount of humility and groveling and maybe jail time for those who lied to us all can be forgiven

  2. NO prosecute, below Plague charges:
    o Killed millions worldwide
    o Lied about vaccines & theraputics
    o Lockdowns ruined lives
    o Censorship denied information on theraputics
    o WHO NAID CDC NIH HHS behind fraud day 1
    o US co funded Wuhan

  3. Sorry No forgiveness:
    Saw elites with No masks on during lockdowns
    Then the May riots hit
    Big Tech blocking information
    Killed millions worldwide
    CDC NIH HHS NAID behind Covid
    China NOT charged for plague too
    Lockdowns ruined lives

    1. Also, those of us who were informed by banned doctors and scientists suffered public denouncements and nasty remarks aimed in our hearing. It was so easy for the media to create actual hatred toward those of us who admitted to NOT being vaxxed when pressed.

      1. I never bought into these covid vaccines and boosters and I am glad I didn’t! This was all a made up pandemic in order to scare people into submission and many are going to regret their decision to get these shots along with their young children who had no voice. A lot of heads should fall on the chopping block over this charade.

  4. They need jail time for all the lies they told. People dying from the poison vaccines. Saying your sorry doesn’t cut it. You helped murder people. You have to pay for your crimes against humanity. You disgusting Unamerican subcreature slaves to communism.

  5. Evil satanists did this ‘vaccine’ on purpose to kill the public.
    Fauci, Bill Gates and Jeffrey Epstein are evil.

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