U.S. officials are confirming that another Chinese spy balloon is confirmed to have entered the United States, and crossed through parts of Florida and Texas before eventually crashing in Hawaii four months ago. This marks another Chinese spy balloon that Biden was once again hesitant to shoot down.

This news comes after the latest Chinese spy balloon made its way through the continental United States, and Biden was informed last Saturday about the situation. However, Biden waited until a full week after to shoot the balloon down, as it crossed over the Atlantic ocean and had presumably gathered any information it needed from the United States.

The media and left-wing commentators are attempting to shift the blame for previous Chinese sky balloons onto former-President Donald Trump, for an alleged three spy balloons having flown over the continental U.S. during his Presidency. While only one balloon is confirmed to have entered during Trump’s presidency, some are reporting as many as three balloons may have crossed through the continental U.S. during this time.

Trump and other top security officials from his time as President have responded to the claims, adding that, “This never happened. It would have never happened,” Trump told Fox News Digital on Sunday morning, adding that Beijing “respected us greatly” under his leadership.

“It never happened with us under the Trump administration and if it did, we would have shot it down immediately,” Trump said. “It’s disinformation.”

Of course, Donald Trump wasn’t behind any airspace tracking systems during his time as President, and any message of foreign planes, jets, or aircraft would have come from security advisors, including the Pentagon and U.S. airforce. Without the necessary information from security advisors about foreign spy balloons entering the country, Trump would be unable to appropriately respond to the situation.


  1. /What is he doing???? He is looking the other way it seems….wonder WHY??? If this were Trump
    the Demo’s would be calling for impeachment???? Now discovering all his classified doc’s
    he stole hidden all over the place….now with this China spy issue We better wake up or learn
    chinese quick!!!! Where is the outrage????

  2. The Chicomms told Joe that they had the other half of Hunter’s email correspondence that was found on his laptop, on that balloon.

  3. All you need are some Southerners with powerful scopes. Go get ’em, boys ‘n girls, it’s open season on CCP spy balloons! That moron in the WH will wait for them to complete their missions before deciding to do anything about it!

  4. Trump would have shot those damn things out of the air and then placed even more tariffs on Chinese goods coming to America! China and North Korea were afraid of Pres. Trump and universally respected him.

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