FBI agents were dispatched to President Biden’s vacation home in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware on Wednesday to conduct a further search for classified documents according to the president’s attorney Bob Bauer.

Bauer said in a statement:

“Today, with the President’s full support and cooperation, the DOJ is conducting a planned search of his home in Rehoboth, Delaware. Under DOJ’s standard procedures, in the interests of operational security and integrity, it sought to do this work without advance public notice, and we agreed to cooperate,”

“The search today is a further step in a thorough and timely DOJ process we will continue to fully support and facilitate. We will have further information at the conclusion of today’s search,”

Reports confirm that FBI agents are currently on the premises of Biden’s home and will be until the search is complete. The FBI search in Rehoboth is the third time federal agents have searched Biden properties to look for classified material.

This is a developing story.


  1. Where’s the surprise raid by the FBI – pictures of documents spread all over the floor – not allowing the attorneys to remain on property. Do you think the American people are stupid?

  2. should have happened in November. Biden’s lawyers have had plenty of time to remove and or shread anything that was there.

  3. What a show, all in an effort to make it seem like Biden is getting the same treatment Trump did. However, we all know it’s just a show.

  4. What a sham….they had plenty of tme to clean it up!!!! Come on man!!! This was not handled
    the same way Trump’s was!!!! Not a surprise raid!!!! His people probably had time to fix it.

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