Photo edit of a Planned Parenthood. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Popacta.
Photo edit of a Planned Parenthood. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Popacta.

A lawsuit filed by a family in Virginia alleges that a local abortion facility and social worker coerced their 15-year-old daughter into having an abortion and did not inform them about the procedure. According to the lawsuit, the girl had told her mother that a social worker was pressuring her to have an abortion, but she had promised that she would not. The family is seeking $15.4 million in damages from the Bristol Women’s Health abortion facility and the Dickenson County Department of Social Services for their daughter and aborted grandchild.

WJHL made a statement saying:

“Neither CRFM’s parents nor her guardian ad litem [lawyer] was informed of the abortion by DSS and the agency didn’t provide medical records of it to her parents “despite multiple written requests,” the suit alleges. …The suit alleges a host of potential negative physical and emotional effects on CRFM. It claims the actions of DSS, the clinic and the people involved interfered with her parents’ rights by not involving them in the decision, not informing them of the abortion and denying access to medical records.”

Virginia law requires parents to be notified and provide consent if their daughter is under 18 and wants an abortion. The lawsuit accuses social services and the abortion facility of violating the parents’ rights by neglecting to notify them or obtain their consent. The case highlights the problems with enforcing current parental involvement laws.

The family’s lawyer, Tim McAfee told News Channel 11:

“It’s just shocking that it happened,”“The young lady has killed her baby. That’s how she looks at it.”

The girl was pregnant and intended to take her child to full term, but the social worker and the abortion facility director convinced her to abort her unborn baby, according to the lawsuit. The girl initially refused to cooperate with the abortion, but she was eventually persuaded to abort her baby and given abortion pills. The lawsuit alleges a host of potential negative physical and emotional effects on the girl and claims that the actions of the social worker and the clinic interfered with her parents’ rights.

The abortion facility owner, Diane Deriz, denied any wrongdoing, insisting that all paperwork was done according to state law. The facility is also facing a second unrelated lawsuit from its landlords, who claim that they were deceived about how the property would be used. The facility recently moved from Tennessee to Virginia where aborting unborn babies is still legal.

Diane Deriz, the abortion facility owner, insisted that they did not do anything wrong:

“We have never and never would pressure someone to have an abortion,”

“I am confident that all the paperwork was done according to state law.”


  1. I applaud the parents here. The first issue is that slowly, but surely, the leftist politicians in this country are chipping away at parental rights. It’s been their plan for sometime now. The folks need to wake up and pay attention when they go to the polls and stop electing the Socialist/Communist element determined to change the very makeup of this once-great nation.

  2. The Clinic can LIE All they want but since NO child can consent to a medical procedure which any MURDER of the UNBORN is this CHILD could not give consent. They not only pressured the child but they broke the Law. Had this girl died they would have been guilty of two MURDERS. Not matter what the WILLFULLY IGNORANT LIBERALS claimed Abortion is a medical procedure and NO CHILD can consent to a medical procedure. I find it DISGUSTING that Democraps love to murder babies but can’t stand to see a Murderer be executed as they should be. The CONSTITUTION DOES NOT forbid death for those who kill but it does allow killers to suffer the same fate as their victim. Locking up killers just punishes the victim’s family and other law abiding taxpayers. LIBERALS should be charged as accessories to every death caused by ILLEGALS and REPEAT offenders. This includes Abortion Doctors since the CONSTITUTION does not give the right to kill another and since the DNA of the unborn is not the same as the mother the claim it is just a lump of the mother’s flesh is a LIE.

  3. The parents should win this lawsuit. The abortionists interfered with the parents’ right to determine what is best for their child.

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