Photo edit showing Kari Lake in attendance for the "Black National Anthem" at Super Bowl LVII. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Popacta
Photo edit showing Kari Lake in attendance for the "Black National Anthem" at Super Bowl LVII. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Popacta
Kari Lake remained seated during “Lift Every Voice and Sing” (Dubbed the “Black National Anthem”) before kickoff at Super Bowl LVII

2022 Gubernatorial candidate in Arizona, Kari Lake, remained seated during the “Black National Anthem” before the kickoff of Super Bowl LVII, at State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.

Many took to Twitter and other social media platforms to ridicule Lake following her decision to sit through the performance of the “Black National Anthem,” however, her argument appeared to resonate with many – arguing “I’m just here for THE National Anthem


Lake, who appears to have an almost Trump-like ability to continue to ruffle her oppositions feathers on social media, would continue making pro-American NFL points on social media, tweeting:

Following country music star Chris Stapleton’s performance of the National Anthem, “Lift Every Voice and Sing” (Dubbed the “Black National Anthem”) was performed before Super Bowl LVII by actress and singer Sheryl Lee Ralph, and controversy immediately arose, with many feeling as though the country is reverting to segregated times, with African Americans now having their own National Anthem, an anthem intended to represent the nation as a whole.

On the other hand, many felt empowered by the anthem having been sung before the United States largest viewed and traditionally most anticipated sporting event. This comes during Black History Month, and having two Black quarterbacks going head-to-head for the first time in Super Bowl history.

However, in response to this argument in favor of the “Black National Anthem,” many feel as though the NFL and supporters of the anthem are intentionally attempting to dismantle the cultural significance of the unity behind the National Anthem. Opting for racial division as opposed to racial unity in the United States.

The “Black National Anthem” largely rose to prominence following 2020, a year that saw the BLM protests and riots following the death of George Floyd. Many believe a separate national anthem for a particular race could be seen as divisive and harmful to the idea of a unified nation. Many also believe that a separate national anthem for a specific race is not necessary, and that American citizens of all races should be coming together to celebrate the United States, not specific ethnicities within the United States.


  1. I didn’t realize they were playing the “black anthem” but it is sad that people complain she didn’t stand. She said she stands for the National Anthem, that is for ALL Americans and doesn’t try to divide this country. We all bleed red!!

  2. That seems racist to me that we need a black anthem. Is it because Black people do not like the original anthem thinking it is for white folks only or are they trying to divide people more?

  3. Stay SEATED for the RACIEST ANTHEM !!!!! BLACKS, WAKE UP>>>>> THE DEMO PARTY/KKK originators are STILL your overlords !!!!!

  4. What exactly is the black national anthem and why is everyone black wanting to be separate while Still wanting to be accepted by all? Let’s just separate the national in black and white and get over all of this bullshit

  5. Horse Hockey ! This is the United States of America , we have but one National Anthem , it’s called The Star Spangled Banner !

  6. Pure Marxist-style class warfare, to divide the country into warring classes (with warring identities), in order to take over under the cover of that Crisis giving them that Opportunity. But to clarify: This is not just about hardcore communists vs. ‘capitalists’. This is about a pyramid of power, with some very wealthy individuals and families at the top, pulling the strings of the two warring factions at the bottom. They want totalitarian control over the whole world, to rule from the top down – from a mentality of Power Over Others (or POO for short), rather than from an attitude of Power With, and from Within. Give them an inch and they will take a mile. Kari Lake was precisely right to do and say what she did. And to fight against the steal of the AZ election with the grit that she is demonstrating. Which is another front of the war that is going on. These termites amongst us must not be allowed to win the day. Or they will turn it into a long night of Darkness. It’s time for patriots to prove their worth – just as Kari Lake is doing.

  7. Hard to have unity when division is constantly being pushed. Divide and conquer seems to be the agenda of way too many. IMO

  8. There is no such thing as a black national anthem. There is only one National Anthem for the United States of America. No other country has multiple national anthems. There maybe songs that are referred to as the anthem of a particular group, but it is never treated as anything equal to, or superior to, the actual National Anthem. If I had been in attendance, I would have either remained seated if played before the National Anthem or sat down once the National Anthem was finished if it was played prior to the black anthem.

  9. Don’t blame her, i didn’t stand either, there’s only (1) NATIONAL ANTHEM !!!
    I’ll never stand for an ANTHEM from the 13% !!!

  10. We are one nation. There is only one National Anthem. The “Black National Anthem” is as mythical as the “Popular Vote”, which has NEVER elected a president. Both of these mythical devices are tools established by liberals and the Democrat Party intended to divide this nation.

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