Amanda Head returns to discuss a new Democratic ballot prediction ahead of the 2022 midterms and what it means for conservatives.

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Born and raised in the South, Amanda Head's strong conservative background is highly evident in both her professional and personal life. A Birmingham, Alabama native, she's lived in Los Angeles since graduating with her Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Auburn University.


  1. There is NOTHING short of death that will stop the modern Democrat criminal coalition from using any method possible to retain political power. They have no care at all about the condition of the country – politically, morally, or economically. The ONLY hope for the American Republic is to elect Donald Trump as president – in 2024 or possibly sooner.

    The outright theft of the 2020 election was unique in history; and so, it may not be too outlandish for the supreme court to authorize a “midterm” presidential election to try to make up for the 2020 theft.

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