Tuesday, June 2, 2020

House Passes $2 Trillion Relief Package, Sends It to Trump

The House of Representatives has passed a $2 trillion relief package which will now be sent to President Trump to be signed into law.

According to CNBC:

The House passed a $2 trillion coronavirus relief bill on Friday, sending the unprecedented measure to President Donald Trump’s desk after a scramble to block efforts to delay its passage.

The plan, which includes one-time payments to individuals, strengthened unemployment insurance, additional health-care funding and loans and grants to businesses to deter layoffs, got through the Senate unanimously on Wednesday night. On Thursday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi described the bill “as mitigation” of the disease’s destruction, predicting there would be more plans to aid “recovery.”

Trump has promised to sign the legislation “immediately.” While it is unclear how quickly the government will dole out some of the money such as small business loans, the White House and congressional leaders have said some individuals will see direct payments of up to $1,200 within three weeks.

The push to pass the proposal comes a day after data showed unemployment claims skyrocketed to a record 3.3 million last week after businesses across the country closed to slow the pandemic’s spread. Hospitals, particularly in ravaged New York, have asked for more resources as they struggle to keep up with a rush of coronavirus patients.

Part of the package will see money sent directly to many Americans in an attempt to stem the damage done by self-quarantine and social distancing.

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  1. DON’T SIGN IT, TRUMP!!! DON’T GIVE IN TO LIBERALS..ALL . that money , w/o non- epidemic freebies ….ALL…should go into helping workers, small businesses, corporations, AND THE HEALTHCARE SYSTEM. NO KENNEDY CRAP…no Pelosi’s wants. …dump ALL OF THAT! Sneaky Democrat bastards. using this crisis to take advantage of pushing socialist agenda in our face that can never be taken away!!! Trump should do an executive order separate from Congress and HELP The American people, and not Pelosi.

    • That is the ONLY way they EVER get their way is to wait for a crisis, then, when there is something that absolutely has to be passed for the good of the Nation, they stick all of their garbage into it and, like Pelosi, hole the country hostage indefinitely while people are dying, until the bill is finally signed.

  2. PRESIDENT TRUMP, use your power of the LINE ITEM VETO to kill all the PORK IN THE BILL!!! AFTER ALL, ISN’T THAT WHAT IT IS FOR?!!!

    • I hope he does the line item veto and makes the kill all the pork in the bill so it can help what it was designed to help the American people not special agendas .

  3. Pelosi and Clyburn HAD to sign or else their nooses for conspiratory treason on America was going to happen much quicker for them.
    It’s going to be hilarious watching Trump maneuver around the Pelosi-Clyburn pork that the Senate put into the bill they passed under the guise of getting the bill done – baloney on that, 4 senators had the guts to vote against it, but Trump will work it out and delay until the cows come home and then go out again to move on those things.
    It’s being noticed that every time the loathsome Pelosi tries to trip Trump that he knocks her down like a 10-pin strike with all the force of a rock avalanche.
    She knows why we love him, and hates it so We Win too !

  4. God due we need the LINE ITEM VETO provision for the president in these troubling times. This is ‘war’ and the president should invoke an exec. order and cut the pork from this bill.

  5. Do use the line item veto . All monies not going to those out of work or small business gets cut money to congress gets cut and all other pork we haven’t been told about. Please that is what you were elected to do work for the citizens not help the “leaders” enrich themselves and friends

  6. Use your LINE ITEM VETO and cut the crap out from ba**#*d DEMORATS. Please cut the pork out!! They are un American idiots!

  7. Of ALL the Bills that will reach our President’s desk,
    THIS ONE…..NEEDS Prudent use of LINE ITEM VETO.
    The Democrats have stuffed in….IRRELEVANT PORK!!

  8. President Trump is trying to help the people of this nation . He always gets criticized for everything, when the Democrats don’t get their way. All I can say, remember all this Pickering and temper tantrum in November 2020! We are the only industrialized nation, that people can loose the livelihood over medical bills! Well next week is April’s fool day and let’s see, who has to eat some humble pie. No politics should play a roll, when the President of the United States signs a national emergency bill! We the people will speak loud and clear , come November!!! God help us!

  9. Nancy Pelosi just went from hating President Trump to hating American. This woman is totally evil. She must be expelled from our Congress. When the time comes hopefully, we’ll have a Republican House and Senate and they can vote not to fund this garbage. President Trump has no other choice but to sign it for the good of all Americans, however he should use the bully pulpit to destroy Pelosi demanding her accepting responsibility for stealing money from us taxpayers got total garbage in the bill.

  10. President Trump, please don’t cave to Democrat demands. American patriots and future generations will pay for caving into them and their pork. 2.2 trillion is like a magnet for every blood sucking parasite. Please use the veto or line item veto, whatever other power you have available to stop Democrat demands and pork.

  11. All I can say is SHE showed them how powerful she is . Pasted a pork barrel full of junk that couldn’t pass on it’s own . WE really do need a line item veto in the constitution

  12. VETO The Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act We Americans don’t need this.We should be helping our OWN ONLY!

  13. Bottom line, this isn’t anything new with the anti American liberals. American people you know what to do come November 3rd and if you don’t get your heads out of the clouds or your asses and wake up. Time to really clean house and vote out ALL dumbocraps on your ballot, all of them. They’re like a malignant growth that needs to be removed in its entirety. Unfortunately we have to wait until November to do this but in the long run, it’ll be well worth it. Ponder this: what have the liberals done for anyone but themselves? Is speeding a relief effort to help the American people instead of farting around on nonsensical BULLS**T a priority or what? I think you know the answer to the question, and if no, wake up, get tour heads out of your collective asses and get with the program and wake up quickly!


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