Republican Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds has a little-known Twitter account used to praise Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ 2024 campaign and levy raw criticisms against former President Donald Trump and former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, The New York Times reported Thursday.

Reynolds’ primary Twitter, @IAGovernor, is a verified government account with over 70,000 followers and describes the governor as a “5th generation Iowan” with a link to her website. Her alternative account @Kimberl26890376reported on Thursday by the NYT, is unverified with roughly 500 followers, sports a selfie profile photo of Reynolds and her husband, and contains no biography or formal connection to her official account.

While Reynolds’ @IAGovernor appears to post often about her ongoing work as governor, the majority of @Kimberl26890376’s recent activity is reposts of criticisms against Trump and Haley, or shows of support for DeSantis.

Reynolds’ most recent repost on the @Kimberl26890376 account is a photo of DeSantis and his family next to a separate photo of Trump with unidentified women at a party, with the caption, “The contrast is overwhelming.” Another repost attacks Haley as “not a conservative,” and a “liberal democrat who is actively auditioning to be Trump’s vice presidential running mate.”

Other @Kimberl26890376’s reposts praise DeSantis as “the man in the arena,” and the “easiest decision” for voters in 2024, NYT reported. In some of her own posts on this account, Reynold’s refers to DeSantis as “a true leader” and an “undeniable winner.”

Her “likes” from this account reflect the views of her posts and reposts, with one referring to Haley as an “establishment puppet” compared to “conservative fighter” DeSantis. Another liked post refers to DeSantis supporters as “alpha males.”

Reynolds formally announced her endorsement for DeSantis in November 2023, calling him the “most effective leader [she’d] ever seen” and encouraging the Republican base to pack its support behind him, although noting she would end up voting for “whoever the Republican nominee is.”

Jake Smith on January 11, 2024

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