Photo edit of Bubba Wallace. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Pop Acta.
Photo edit of Bubba Wallace. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Pop Acta.

NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace has recently spoken out about what he perceives as unfair treatment and criticism from NASCAR fans and the media. He has been involved in controversial incidents, including his unproven claims about a racially motivated “noose” incident. Wallace believes that his recent act of showing the middle finger during a live interview with Fox Sports has received more scrutiny compared to how other drivers are treated.

In June 2020, a noose was discovered in Wallace’s garage stall at the Talladega Superspeedway. Initially seen as a racist threat, it was later determined that the noose had been there since October 2019 and was not targeted at Wallace, as the alleged “noose” was nothing more than a garage door pull rope.

NASCAR releases image of noose found in Bubba Wallace's garage. - ESPN
NASCAR releases image of a noose found in Bubba Wallace’s garage. – ESPN

To provide context, Wallace has transitioned from being a social justice advocate to a more provocative figure in NASCAR. The incident involving the middle finger gesture has reignited discussions about the NASCAR driver.

Wallace points out a compelling issue: his claim that other drivers often resort to similar derogatory gestures, specifically the middle finger, in the aftermath of collisions. He suggests that if he had done the same under such circumstances, it would not have provoked a significant reaction.

In conversation with Claire B. Lang of SiriusXM NASCAR Radio, the 23XI driver aired his grievances regarding the differential media coverage he receives in comparison to his contemporaries:

“People think that I love to stay in the headlines for different reasons and I actually hate it. … The finger’s become such a big thing when Bubba Wallace does it. But you have guys that get wrecked and they walk on the track and shoot one bird or shoot the double-bird and we laugh about it and move on. We tell them that they’re No. 1. But when Bubba Wallace does it we gotta shut the whole state down, shut the whole series down, kick him out, suspend him.

… So, on that side of things, it’s complete BS. But, it is what it is. It’s been going on for years and it sounds like I just invented something new. And we know how some of these people that are part of this sport hate when Bubba Wallace brings in something new.”

However, upon closer examination, Wallace’s argument appears to weaken. His controversial gesture did not occur in the heat of a race but was directed at the camera during a nationally televised interview, giving him ample time to consider his actions. Additionally, the fact that he specifically aimed his middle finger at the camera suggests an intended offense to the audience, even though he later claimed it was meant playfully toward a friend.

This undermines Wallace’s argument, as it is reasonable to expect that viewers would interpret a middle finger directed at them during an interview differently from one aimed at a fellow driver after a collision. This sequence of events embodies Wallace’s now-characteristic role as a provocative figure, which paradoxically makes him more captivating than when he was solely focused on social justice advocacy.


  1. Well Bubba, maybe you should’ve thought twice before you took a knee during our National Anthem a while back and maybe “real” Americans wouldn’t be so hard on you. You should remember, most of life’s wounds are self inflicted.
    You’re a man, right? Start acting like one.

  2. He is just a cry baby POS that can’t drive and blames everyone else for his mistakes..he never wins so he has to get is 15minutes of fame some other way…basically being a BABY !

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