Councilman Matthew Reilly unconscious in his car. (Cranston Police Department)
Councilman Matthew Reilly unconscious in his car. (Cranston Police Department)

In a shocking series of events, Rhode Island Councilman Matthew Reilly, 41, faces a slew of criminal charges. The Cranston official, already under scrutiny for alleged drug misuse, now finds himself confronting child molestation allegations.

Previously in May, the Councilman had been found unconscious in his vehicle, with police body camera footage suggesting the presence of a crack cocaine pipe in his hands. Police subsequently discovered a substance in the vehicle that tested positive for cocaine and fentanyl, along with additional drug paraphernalia. The alarming scene led to charges of drug possession, but the saga did not end there.

Recently, a new and darker twist has emerged in Reilly’s legal predicament. The Councilman now faces multiple charges of child molestation, following a complaint lodged by the guardian of a 12-year-old girl. Authorities arrested Reilly without incident, though they have declined to comment further on the case.

In the wake of these serious allegations, Reilly’s attorney, Michael Lepizzera, Jr., commented, saying:

“I simply ask everyone to refrain from public ridicule and gossip and allow the legal process to unfold in the ordinary course.”


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