"Bugs Bunny" portrayed in "drag" the official Looney Toons Twitter account with the caption. "Happy Pride, get your drag on 🌈." @LooneyTunes. Warner Bros.
"Bugs Bunny" portrayed in "drag" the official Looney Toons Twitter account with the caption. "Happy Pride, get your drag on 🌈." @LooneyTunes. Warner Bros.

On Thursday, the time-honored animated series, Looney Toons, left its viewers perplexed with a bewildering tribute to Bugs Bunny on their Twitter feed. This tribute showed Bugs Bunny in various female costumes, with Looney Toons dubbing it as “drag.”

The inclusion of drag in a children’s series like Looney Toons has raised eyebrows and caused many to question the intentions behind it. Moreover, it sparked considerable outrage among those who see it as the latest ploy by Hollywood executives to further infuse left-leaning ideologies and LGBT narratives into children’s content.

In a rather audacious post, Looney Tunes went on to write, “Happy Pride, get your drag on.” A message that, for many, only fuels the belief that the agenda is to nudge children toward certain social ideologies under the guise of entertainment.

Bugs Bunny’s comical adventures have often seen him adopting various disguises, both male and female. Historically, these instances were simply clever antics aiming to evoke laughter from the sheer silliness of the situation, not to portray a drag queen image.

However, Looney Tunes appears to be falling in line with an increasing number of children’s entertainment brands that are now choosing to promote LGBT culture and drag queen nightclub lifestyle. It seems to be a deliberate attempt to establish these elements as normal in the minds of young, impressionable viewers.

This growing trend, seen by some as an attempt to further progressive ideologies through children’s content, has raised significant concerns among those who question the direction children’s programming is taking, and it leaves many apprehensive about what could possibly follow.


  1. I remember decades ago seeing Bugs in female outfits as part of a cartoon gag, and I remember that is the way I took it (comedy). I hope Mr. Williams is wrong in his assessment of this being aimed at influencing children in a transexual sense. If it is we are in even more trouble.

  2. You all are picking the salt out of pepper, the looney toons are just to let you for get about being stressed out, it something to makes you laugh at, I grow up on this as a kid I never thought about dumass thinks like that stop picking on a very funny cartoons that was made up back in the day say about 1950. Go find something more inappropriate like the newer cartoons or even some of the movie, look at the ones from Disney make and there partners

  3. Thank God I don’t get the looney tune cartoon they went Woke I don’t don’t leftist indoctrination and Grooming of young children! More leftist trash to take down! WB not allowed in this family anymore! Go Woke Go Broke traitors!

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