Inside the mind of Secretary Mike Pompeo. Photo edit/Alexander J. Williams III/Pop Acta
Inside the mind of Secretary Mike Pompeo. Photo edit/Alexander J. Williams III/Pop Acta

Mike Pompeo is the only person in United States history to be both the Director of the CIA and a Secretary of State. A graduate of West Point, he knows his way around the intelligence communities and world leaders. He speaks out against China and the control of the CCP and this makes him a threat.

But a threat to who? Certainly not the United States.

At an event in West Virginia over the weekend, former Secretary of State and former CIA Director, Mike Pompeo, gave his thoughts on 2024, our woke military’s recruitment struggle, China, Taiwan, Mexico, Brazil, Trump, and the Afghanistan withdrawal. He also shared a shocking revelation into the CCP’s involvement in our higher educational system.

The U.S. Military
At the end of 2022, the U.S. Army missed it’s recruiting numbers by 15,000 soldiers. This staggering drop reached its frightening tentacles into every branch in the U.S. military. This struggle will likely stretch into 2024. Why?

Secretary Mike Pompeo provided a deep dive into why our military is struggling to meet its recruitment numbers.

“Those who are looking to join the military are not looking for a safe space based on the ESG movement. They are looking to be a warrior. It is less interesting to recruits when the military is focused more on a political agenda than on a military mission.”

Our Biggest Geopolitical Challenge
Mr. Pompeo was quick to identify our biggest geopolitical challenge: China. China’s airspace invasion and TikTok vulnerabilities are at the top of the list.

“China is inside the gates. In an unclassified setting, we can see at what level the CCP is actively making America lose its confidence.”

The CCP is patient.

“The CCP is working the system to meet the next generation of American leaders so that they can form how they will be viewed and treated in the future. This is a challenge for our generation and the next generation.”

How Do We Fight Back Against the CCP?
The fight begins with a strong American President. Under President Trump, China kept a safe distance. Under Biden, China has invaded our airspace with a balloon doing curly q’s around our strategic military installations. China sees a weak president, so they are infiltrating our country. In the words of Mr. Pompeo:

“There shouldn’t be special privileges for anyone. But we’ve given special favors to China. If we stop, we will have a higher respect for intellectual property and human dignity. This is how we are successful in defeating China without a single shot.”

About the Relationship Between China and Brazil

“Not good. The work that we did in Cuba and Venezuela was good work. When an incumbent lost in Argentina, the ripple effect was not good. The Biden Administration hasn’t invested in Latin America. We should have been spart enough to find a way to lawfully say that agricultural farmers in Latin America, such as soybean sellers, could dictate the terms, not the purchasers. We shouldn’t forget that the fulcrum to all of this was Mexico. Strip immigration away and look at the other policies in Mexico. Their policies are calamitous. The Mexican cartels are a stone’s throw away from El Paso, Texas. The Biden Administration isn’t thinking of them.”

The Afghanistan Withdrawal

“Tell everyone that you know who served in Afghanistan that their service was noble. No matter how horribly we withdrew, their service was honorable. We should be writing letters to the Administration demanding that they explain what they did.”

On the 2024 GOP Race

Mike Pompeo said that he knew all of the candidates running for the GOP presidential ticket well and that he loved them all. A couple of weeks ago, Mr. Pompeo announced that he would not be running for president in 2024 to the chagrin of many of his followers. He said that he and his wife and his advisors did the math. He jokes that he realizes that there is a guy running for this ticket who has a strong following that “loves him more each time he’s indicted.” Will Pompeo run in 2028? Only time will tell.

The Shocking Revelation into Our Higer Education

The CCP threatens our higher education, too. Mr. Pompeo was scheduled to speak at MIT while Secretary of State, but they had to cancel his appearance out of fear of what the CCP would do to their school. Mr. Pompeo was scheduled to speak about China’s influence. Most of our universities are highly dependent on Chinese students and Chinese businesses for revenue. If the Secretary of State were to speak out against them, the universities in America would lose a major revenue stream. China is threatened by Mike Pompeo.

Inside His Mind

Mike Pompeo fielded questions and gave his honest answers at the event in West Virginia. His intelligence on issues within the U.S. and how we interact with each country runs deep. He has recently released a book, “Never Give an Inch: Fighting for the American I Love” in which he reveals “how he spearheaded the Trump Administration’s most significant breakthroughs.” Though he has closed the door on a presidential run in 2024, will we see Secretary Pompeo run for federal office in the future? That door remains wide open.

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