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The governing body for track and field and other running-related athletic events, World Athletics, has announced that transgender female athletes who have been through male puberty will be excluded from world rankings competitions.

The decision was made after World Athletics conducted a consultation period with various stakeholders, including member federations, the Global Athletics Coaches Academy and Athletes’ Commission, the International Olympic Committee, and representative transgender and human rights groups. The decision prioritizes fairness and the integrity of the female competition before inclusion.

According to World Athletics, there are currently no transgender athletes competing internationally in athletics. Therefore, the decision would have no consequences for athletes right now. The Council agreed to set up a Working Group for 12 months to further consider the issue of transgender inclusion.

The Working Group will include an independent chair, up to three Council Members, two athletes from the Athletes’ Commission, a transgender athlete, three representatives of the Member Federations, and representatives of the World Athletics Health and Science Department. The Working Group’s remit will be to consult specifically with transgender athletes to seek their views on competing in athletics, to review and/or commission additional research where there is currently limited research, and to put forward recommendations to Council.

World Athletics also issued guidelines for athletes considered to be differences in sex development (DSD). The new regulations will require any relevant athletes to reduce their testosterone levels below a limit of 2.5 nmol/L for a minimum of 24 months to compete internationally in the female category in any event, not just the events that were restricted under the previous regulations.

The principle of restricted events has been removed from the regulations. Interim provisions will be introduced for those relevant athletes who are already competing in what were the unrestricted events, including a requirement to suppress their testosterone levels below 2.5nmol/L for a minimum of six months before they are eligible to compete again.

World Athletics President Sebastian Coe said the decision would be guided by science. The organization has more than 10 years of research and evidence of the physical advantages that these athletes bring to the female category. As more evidence becomes available, World Athletics will review its position, but the integrity of the female category in athletics is paramount.


  1. Transgenders are free to establish any track and field and other running-related athletic events that they may wish to compete in amongst themselves. Any such competitions will be fully equal and equitable.

  2. Simple. If Trans are allowed to compete, then boycott. No one competes. Just stand there with arms folded, or just walk away. I don’t mean one lone real woman. I mean all of them. Sponsors would just love that. Sponsors, supporters, institutions (both financial and educational) should be shunned and have backs turned to them. It’s about the Benjaman’s, man. Hit them where it hurts. In the pocketbooks.

  3. There are only two genders. This transgender stuff is mental illness. We wouldn’t even be discussing this had the Supreme Court made the correct ruling.

  4. finally a sports group of people with some common sense. no matter how many dresses you put on them or how long they grow their hair they are still men and it is not fair to let them compete in womens sports if these men can’t win in their own sports then they just need to get the hell out. don’t try to make themselves feel good by winning in women sports no matter whay you cut off or add on a man is a man and a women is a women. period!!!1

  5. Hummmm, Study? Follow the Science, and You WOKE POS MIGHT FIND THERE IS ONLY TWO SEX’S! Got a “Dick”? Your a Guy, for Life! You can call yourself anything you want, but the Bottom line is, and Always be—— Your a fucken Guy!

  6. Men, in no way, shape, or form, should not compete with women. Biologically, they are still men, no matter what they call themselves, it is wrong for them to compete against women. Physically, they are built different, and it is unfair to all women.

  7. They didn’t mention interviewing any of the biological female athletes in all of this “research”. Seems to me their views should hold considerable weight in this discussion. It’s insane that the idea of men being allowed to compete in women’s sports is even being considered. Real women deserve better!

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