Transgender lifter Mary Gregory (Image: @75marylifts)
Transgender lifter Mary Gregory (Image: @75marylifts)

USA Powerlifting has been ordered by a Minnesota state court to revise its policy within two weeks and allow biological men who identify as women to compete in women’s divisions, following an anti-discrimination lawsuit. The ruling requires the organization to “cease and desist from all unfair discriminatory practices,” which in this case means limiting inclusion based on gender identity.

The original complaint was filed in 2019 by JayCee Cooper, a trans-identifying man who accused the organization of violating the state’s Human Rights Act by barring men from female competitions. Cooper filed a lawsuit against USA Powerlifting in state court in 2021. USA Powerlifting may appeal this decision, as this ruling creates an obvious issue for the future of the female division in powerlifting, as men will begin to regularly win competitions and set new records for major lifts in the female categories.

The ruling states that making a person pretend to be something different is harmful and sends an implicit message that who they are is less than, which is the essence of separation and segregation, and is what the Minnesota Human Rights Act prohibits. Cooper, the plaintiff, said that he was fed up with the way he and his community were being treated and felt relieved by the verdict.

However, USA Powerlifting disagrees with the court’s conclusions and aims to balance the needs of both biological women, as well as male-to-female transgender women, whose capacities differ significantly in purely strength sports.

The Minnesota state court that ruled on the USA Powerlifting case stated:

“The harm is in making a person pretend to be something different, the implicit message being that who they are is less than,”

“That is the very essence of separation and segregation, and it is what the [Minnesota Human Rights Act] prohibits.”

According to a study published by the National Library of Medicine, during male puberty, males begin to create a significantly higher amount of testosterone than females – about 20 times more – leading to circulating testosterone levels that are approximately 15 times greater in healthy young men compared to women of a similar age. This extreme difference in testosterone production creates extreme athletic and overall strength differences between males and females, resulting in extremely unfair competition when the two sexes are forced to go toe-to-toe athletically.

The issue of transgender inclusion in sports has been ongoing for years, and while some sports have created new categories for trans-identifying athletes, most organizations are reluctant to do so, as the turnout for these competitions is typically extremely low.


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