Screenshot of an advertisement on Credit: Harry's Chocolate.
Screenshot of an advertisement on Credit: Harry's Chocolate.

Jeremy Boreing, co-CEO of the Daily Wire, has launched a new business line, “Jeremy’s Chocolate,” which has already sold 300,000 units within 48 hours of its release. The chocolate bars come in two varieties, “HeHim” and “SheHer,” and are available on The move was prompted by Hershey’s International Women’s Day campaign, which featured a man who identifies as a woman as one of its spokespersons.

Boreing stated that The Daily Wire would not compromise on the definition of womanhood, which led to the creation of the non-woke chocolate bars. Boreing tweeted, “Fine, I’ll do it,” and introduced the chocolate bars as an alternative to Hershey’s. He also emphasized that The Daily Wire will continue to build alternatives as long as corporations and institutions continue to alienate half the country.

Many Twitter users were impressed by the speed of the launch, with some speculating that Boreing may have had prior knowledge of Hershey’s campaign. However, Boreing confirmed that he worked through the night to get the product off the ground and did not have prior knowledge of Hershey’s campaign.

The success of “Jeremy’s Chocolate” highlights the existence of a market for non-woke products and shows that companies risk losing significant revenue by alienating half the country. The success of anti-woke marketing also suggests that the saying “go woke, go broke” may hold true in many cases, as their success is due in large part to their anti-woke marketing.


  1. Put into the STORES! Next to the “Losers” of Hershey, woke Crap! See what sales MORE AT THE STREET LEVEL!

  2. Woke up people, this stuff is going to kill your business, if you want to go woke, you will loose your pants….lol

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