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Back in October, migrants were brought into New York City’s Randall Island tent city. As a “sanctuary city,” they had built this infrastructure, which Fox estimated to be at about $1 Billion, though even before the migrants were bussed to the area NYC’s mayor Eric Adams had called a state of emergency. He cited in that state of emergency issue that “the increase in migrants [was] non-sustainable.” Now, 3 months later, Mayor Adams is tired of the illegal immigrants in the city and has asked the federal government for help. Begging the question, should Biden deport the illegals the city took in willingly?

According to Fox News, migrants in the city were set to move to Brooklyn Cruise Terminal, though as Fox said, “we saw full out protests, and the erection of yet another Bidenville tent city outside Midtown’s Watson Hotel when ungrateful migrants were set to be moved to a facility at the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal.” This unwillingness to move to another location the city was paying for and the ungratefulness of their expenses being covered is the act that prompted Eric Adams to beg for federal help. After spending upwards of a billion dollars to accommodate these people in a rather expensive city, Adams has come to terms that the city can’t afford to help illegal immigrants. And Americans in the city are getting fed up with these migrants getting all sorts of help to live in one of our country’s most expensive cities. But what does he want, does he want them sent to more affordable areas? Because nowhere else elected to freely take these people in, unlike liberal sanctuary city NYC.

One solution could be to deport them, which would require Mayor Adams to call on Biden to deport the migrants. Though this would mean these NYC Democrats would be going against their belief that deporting people out of the country is inhumane. So what do they want?

According to Fox, “there is an answer, and it is obvious, it’s the answer any of us would say to an unruly guest in our own home, “take what we are offering or leave.” Though to be that ‘harsh’ to the poor migrants may go against Adams’ personal political agenda. If he is serious about the issue and worried for the city’s wellbeing, he would call for action from Biden. Guess we will have to wait and see if he makes that choice or falters for the sake of the Democrat-Liberal agenda.


  1. They “shielded” biden from the illegal immigrants here, just like they did in El Paso. The grope was in town to tout his ” new tunnel into a city that’s always complaining about over crowding by auto traffic, yet they want to enable thousands more to come in. This obvious ploy to throw money that belongs to the taxpayers at people in an attempt to keep their “loyalty” is so obviously him pandering.

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