The Left alleges that “systemic racism,” a lack of critical race theory, 2024 frontrunners such as Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis, and the allegedly inherently racist job of being a police officer is to blame – in reality, they’re mad they can’t score cheap political points off of five Black police officers killing a 29-year-old innocent Black man.

Liberal media outlets are tripping over themselves to see who can be the first to remove the blame from five Black police officers and somehow shift the blame back onto White people. Of the six people shown in the video, one of which being the victim in this obvious case of police brutality, Tyre Nichols, along with five Black police officers, liberal media outlets have been pumping out opinion pieces with headlines such as: 5 Black Memphis Cops Upheld Institutional And Cultural Racism In Tyre (Forbes), Black Memphis police spark dialogue on systemic racism in the U.S. (The Washington Post), and Tyre Nichols’ Death: How Black Officers Alone Can’t Stop Brutal Policing (The Marshall Project).

Of course, although these liberal media outlets like to make themselves out to be the voice for victims in situations like these, they find themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place when the victim and the killers are of the same race – showing to them, it was never about the victim, it was always about a means to a political goal.

Strangely, in this incident and even following the release of the bodycam footage this past week, many people don’t know the names of these police officers. Officers Tadarrius Bean, Demetrius Haley, Emmitt Martin III, Desmond Mills Jr., and Justin Smith are not household names, and this is because the blame is in part being taken out of the hands of the killers, and somehow being put in the hands of “systemic racism,” or White people as a whole.

If you were hoping to get a briefing of the incident, or you were looking to learn how the police officers acted in the incident that killed Tyre Nichols, the opinion pieces above are the wrong places to go, as most don’t even both to list the police officers by name.

As many know, Derek Chauven was the Minneapolis police officer kneeling on George Floyd’s neck for minutes. Although that incident was over two years ago, his name is still easily recognizable and unforgettable. While his name was infamous for the killing of George Floyd, the names of the police officers who killed Tyre Nichols are kept quiet; not only due to the color of their skin, but more importantly because they’re not politically convenient.

The police officers who killed Nichols acted as if they were in a gang as opposed to upholding the law, with one officer, as shown on body cam footage, getting out of the car and immediately holding his gun while shouting “I need to see your motherf— hands or I’ll blow your motherf— heads off.” What proceeded was a 5-on-1 attack, where 5 highly trained police officers beat a 29-year-old Black man to death, and the liberal media is treating this story like yesterday’s trash because the police officers in question weren’t White. There was never sympathy or compassion for Nichols, as they’re heartbroken he can’t just be a 2023 version of George Floyd in the media’s attempt to re-spark racial tension in the United States.

The most bombastic opinion piece about the death of Nichols’ of all may be Mike Littwin’s “Racism fueled the death of Tyre Nichols — a Black motorist beaten by Black cops” (The Colorado Sun) in part argues that Critical Race Theory could’ve potentially prevented the death of Nichols’, saying:

“What Critical Race Theory argues is that there are different ways to measure racism — and one of the important measures is found in the study of outcomes, and not just in personal bias. An Education Week article sums up the argument using Supreme Court oral arguments from a 2007 affirmative action case.

It’s a stretch that goes beyond belief to assume that some school class about reassessing how we view race could have prevented this when all five cops were of the same race, however, it’s likely they’re not even attempting to achieve racial harmony – they’re looking for political wins.

Throughout this opinion piece, Mike Littwin does the worst job when compared to the other opinion pieces listed in his ability to contain his extremely far-left and overall unsympathetic viewpoints, using the death of an innocent 29-year-old man to score cheap political points. Throughout his excessively long and mostly substanceless opinion piece, he goes without mentioning the names of any of the police officers who killed Nichols. Instead, he chooses to completely shift blame from anyone’s individual decisions and chooses to look at, you guessed it, “systemic racism.”


  1. The culture of resisting arrest is clearly on display in the videos. The ever-increasing disrespect for police caused by the extreme left rhetoric from the Democrats is the root cause of the death.

  2. And it gives them a reason to sack cities to burn and steal every thing they can and the LEFT goes a long with it and that is a problem they call that peaceful protest when theIr is nothing peaceful about it and they need to put a stop to it get rid of Antifa and BLM

  3. This reminds me of the “Global Cooling, Warming, Climate Change” thing the goofy anti-science liberals were twisting to fit into their narrative. If it rained, or didn’t rain, if it was hot or cold, if it was normal or abnormal, it was all attributable to … uh … you know … the thing.

  4. Communism 101 ( another named for Satanism), is deflection from the truth and scream racism is an effective offensive key for these Satanic media lapdogs of their Globalist elite masters like Schwab, Fink, Bloomberg, Soros, et. al.

  5. Racism has diminished over the years but that ole cliche SCREW WHITEY mentality unfortunately still remains with many of the remaining racists today.

  6. The question to be put to Mr. Biden (“President”) in this context is:
    “You say that this case of police brutality shocks you –
    but you did not say the same in the case of Rodney King (who, LUCKILY, survived the same).
    You even drafted a Law to excuse the Rodney batterers.
    Can you explain this discrepancy?”

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