1. Fine Christmas songs, but not one of them mentions Christ. If these are true download figures, I fear for America.

  2. American Action News is dishonest & heartless, I will never open it again. Click bait “Top 10 Christmas songs According to Spotify” so I started looking. All I ever found were irrelevant ads & AAN lies to get me to click more ads. I would never buy anything from people like this. I’m sure your sponsors are as fake & dishonest as you are. You must think it’s really funny to play with people like you do. You are an example of the worst kind of people in US society, the dregs, people like you rise to the top & are given a fragment of power & you have no morals, no humanity. People like you have taken over, nothing is real, I need to look for another country, I was born here decades ago, I remember when people had humane values. Yes, I found one of the bullshit top ten songs. Something by Mariah Carey. No sign of any other & it took forever to stumble onto that one, no idea how I “found” that one. I tried to find #2 but the ugliness of the deluge of stupid intrusive ads was using up so much precious time, screw you, enjoy your shallow petty inhumanity & what’s left of your society in your warped way of having fun, if that’s what it is. I’ll use google next time I want to see a list of favorite songs, & will figure out how to unsubscribe from this worse than useless fake garbage of ads & shallow “articles” written by narrow ignorant people at American Action

  3. Among the top ten songs was not one related to the birth of Christ, and it now seems that we are predominately viewing Christmas as a Pagan holiday. I am sure that many people see this as “progress” but I will have to respectfully disagree.

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