Following the aftermath of the Jan. 6th protest, the controversy surrounding the relationship between Donald Trump and Mike Pence became the center of attention.

John Heilemann is a journalist, author, and political analyst. He is known for his work as a national political correspondent for New York Magazine and as the co-host of the political analysis show “With All Due Respect” on Bloomberg Television. In addition to his journalist work, Heilemann has served as an analyst and commentator on various news programs and has written for several publications, including The New York Times and The New Yorker.

Heilemann has also made headlines in the past for his controversial stances on vaccine mandates and gun control. Writing an article for The Atlantic titled “The anti-vaccine right brought human sacrifice to America,” along with an opinion he shared on CNN comparing Republicans who choose to not support gun control mandates to human sacrifice.

During his MSNBC appearance, John Heilemann, a regular guest, came after Mike Pence, saying:

“[Mike Pence] squarest person you knew growing up.”

“It’s not a real lane, it’s not a political lane, for a guy who will only look like what Donald Trump called him, which is to say a wimp and a p—-”

“Whenever I see Pence, I just think… Donald Trump threw you to the lions.”

“If you and your family would have been killed that day, he would have been fine with that, totally fine.”


  1. Yes, Jack, and “if a frog had wings, he wouldn’t bump his ass when he jumped.” So much for journalistic insight and reporting on your part.

    1. Pence nor any other vp has the authority to stop certification.
      That authority can only come from the Constitution.

      Pence’s lawyer sent that message to Trump’s lawyer who then told Trump to tell Pence to stop the certification. Pence set up Trump.
      The votes of one Senator and one Representative could have brought the certification to a complete halt. Until Congress to reaches a solution,

  2. John Heilemann is one of the most irrelevant people on MSNBC morning TV….and that is an extremely low bar. He is so typical of their woke swamp lineup he has to say something more outrageous than he did last time in order to keep getting invited back. MSNBC doesn’t want substance…..just vitriol, name calling, and anger.

  3. No one was going to be killed that day. They were protesters. You are the liar and the pussy. The only one killed was a USAF veteran

  4. Be nice Journo-boy Heilmann, Pence is as much a Deep State Globalist as you and your ilk. Careful, or you will out Pence and the whole world will know.

  5. MSNBC broadcasters are as usual lying sacks of dodo. Truly POS treasonous one party propaganda outlets, joining the sacks of lying propaganda manure in cbs, abc, cnn, nbc, and the worst liars and propaganda arts in pbs that uses government money from our corrupt illegal government to lie to us.

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