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In a CNN “State of the Union” interview on Sunday, Nancy Pelosi told Dana Bash that “members are asking me to consider” running for House leadership and that she will “of course” make a decision about re-election before November 30th. The comments are the clearest sign yet that Pelosi is considering another run for a leadership position which she has held for nearly two decades. Many were assured that a “red wave” would finally put an end to Pelosi’s time in the House but a surprisingly strong Democratic performance in midterms has given her new life. It is also possible that last month’s brutal attack on her husband, Paul, is giving Pelosi more motivation to retain her role.

Pelosi went on to tell CNN:

“Nonetheless, a great deal is at stake because we’ll be in a presidential election. So my decision will again be rooted in the wishes of my family and the wishes of my caucus. But none of it will be very much considered until we see what the outcome of all of this is. And there are all kinds of ways to exert influence.”

“any decision to run is about family, and also my colleagues and what we want to do is go forward in a very unified way, as we go forward to prepare for the Congress at hand.”

What is for certain is that both Democrats and Republicans have a lot up in the air heading into their leadership elections this month. How those election play out will give an insight into how each party plans to move into the future.


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  2. Since elections are rigged again as usual, with mail in ballots, it is the best time for Pelosi to decide to run again. Anyway she is a still very young, according to Soros paid one party propaganda news media, and extremely wealthy from illegal insider trading information as a liberal Democrat. All democrats are in politics for the poor, they steal millions while in office, and live in heavily guarded palaces, to show their support to the peasants they improvised and made dependent upon them. In two years america became a living hell, a third world Shit hole, yet still millions placed their made in China voting ballots in harvesting baskets to ensure the total destruction of the republic continues. Comrade Globalist Marxist Obama once again ensured democracy survival by supporting treasonous open borders that caused mass murder of our people from fentanyl carried in by democrats illegal invaders to keep his party in power forever by ending the voting rights of legal citizens. Yup this “Obama democracy,” run by the mentally ill puppets, under the secret puppeteers selected for us. Now this is democracy, yes sir, things are really peachy now soon the elderly will die from inability to buy natural gas or oil to stay warm. How precious are the democrats in office?

  3. you just dont get it do you moron. your party is not in control of the house. the repubs will be. do you think they are going to let you continue to push bribems insane agenda????? not on your elderly life.

  4. It is time for new leadership. Go retire and enjoy your life. There comes a time when everyone has to call it quits. Anyone in their 80’s need to hang it up.

  5. Nutsy won’t leave office until she is in a body bag. She loves her power and Money too much to leave. If she left her money would dry up. I am talking about the MILLIONS she makes via INSIDER TRADING. She may dump her husband if he doesn’t not fully recover from the attack.

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