If Vice President Kamala Harris won’t go to the border herself to witness the mess she’s allowing to occur, then Texas Governor Greg Abbott will show her in person. Gov. Greg Abbott made the decision to direct 2 busses of illegal immigrants out of the residence of Kamala Harris in Washington D.C. Gov. Abbott sent roughly 75 to 100 illegal immigrants straight to Kamala Harris just weeks after she claimed the border was safe and secure. This 75 to 100 illegal immigrants sent to V.P. Kamala Harris’s Naval Observatory residence is a statement in comparison to the 9,400 other illegal immigrants that have been sent to Washington D.C. in recent months.

Between 75 and 100 people who were picked up in Eagle Pass, Texas, were sent by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott. The group includes migrants from Venezuela, Uruguay, Colombia and Mexico. Multiple migrants, asked by Fox News Digital, said they think the border is open, contrary to what Harris said Sunday during an interview.

This latest convoy of buses arrived just hours after Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis followed through on his similar promise to drop off illegal immigrants in progressive states, sending two planes full of migrants to Martha’s Vineyard on Wednesday.

A representative from a non-governmental organization called Sanctuary DMV showed up and told the migrants they would be going to a local church.

Marla Bustillos of Sanctuary DMV told Fox News Digital they were “at Union Station since 6 in the morning waiting” and “just heard 20 minutes ago that the drop-off was this one.”

“We’ve already set up a church and a location — a safe location for them to tell us where they need to go next, where they have relatives,” she continued.

The ongoing relocation of incoming illegal border-crossers has become a popular method of protest for southern states overrun with migrants that are feeling ignored by President Biden’s administration.

“I was surprised to see [the press] here before we could get here. So the press knew the location before we did, some of the volunteers… it’s very frustrating,” Bustillos said. “We’re gonna make it happen, but it takes a lot of resources, a lot of effort.”

Abbott argues that border towns in Texas are overwhelmed, and those in power in D.C. and NYC should face the realities of the border crisis.

Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser declared a public emergency last week over the buses of migrants’ continued arrival in the city from Texas and Arizona.

Bowser’s emergency declaration will set aside funding to accommodate migrants as well as create the Office of Migrant Services. The OMS will be tasked with providing temporary accommodations, urgent medical needs, transportation” and other services for migrants.

Brianne Nadeau, a member of the Council of the District of Columbia, blamed the governors of Texas and Arizona for the city’s public migrant emergency. 

Abbott argues that border towns in Texas are overwhelmed, and those in power in the liberal-run cities should face the realities of the border crisis.

Bowser has twice now requested that the National Guard be activated to assist with thousands of migrants arriving in the nation’s capital. Both requests have been denied by the Pentagon. 

Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser said the migrants arriving to D.C. are creating a ‘humanitarian crisis’, which is a strong change in narrative as opposed to their usual slogans about illegal immigrants. To go from “no human is illegal” “racist border wall”, which Nancy Pelosi claimed to be a masculinity issue, “they do the work Americans don’t want to do”, and “they enrich our culture”, and now to that illegal immigrants are causing a “humanitarian crisis”.

Once Washing D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser was forced to see the issue that left-wing politicians have put Texas and other bordering states through, she decided declared a state of emergency due to the illegal immigrants flooding the area. This is due in large part to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, and Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey choosing to send the illegal immigrants to blue states and cities, including Washington D.C., Chicago, and New York City. This move by the two Governors has caught the cities by surprise, and created a large enough issue that even the most left-wing politicians have been forced to take notice.


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