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Just days after Sen. Raphael Warnock debuted splashy campaign ads hailing it as a successful example of the “green” economy, an electric school bus manufacturer is laying off 115 workers.

“In a recent campaign ad, Warnock highlighted the Blue Bird Corporation electric school bus manufacturing plant in Fort Valley, Georgia, while promoting his legislation designed to ‘transition’ school districts away from gas-powered buses,” Fox News reports.

Warnock claims conventional school buses are a threat to child health, and is pushing for millions in federal payments to build electric school buses, in his state, under his “Clean Commute for Kids Act.”

Blue Bird blamed the layoffs on “Russia’s war in Ukraine and the lingering COVID-19 pandemic,” despite no evidence.

The Biden infrastructure bill, passed by Congress, will spend $5 billion in five years to replace conventional school buses with experimental electric buses, despite delivery and performance issues, and sudden explosive fires in electric vehicles.

Schools which spent millions on contracts to buy the trendy but unreliable buses report they have not received the vehicles. 

Others who received their ordered electric buses report widespread issues. 

Montgomery County, Maryland purchased 24 electric buses to replace conventional buses.  Only seven are working.

“In Philadelphia, the local PBS station reports the transit authority parked its 25 electric buses in 2020. Sources blamed a defect in the vehicles’ plastic chassis,” WJLA reports. “Last year in Los Angeles, more than one-third of Foothill Transit Authority’s 32 electric buses were inoperable, according to a report in the Daily Bulletin. Foothill said one docking station caught on fire and buses had stalling issues.”

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Bemused Berserker
Bemused Berserker
2 months ago

EV Technology is largely hit and miss still, and we’re several decades away from the reliability/safety that’s needed.
Democrats, trying to go too far too soon.

2 months ago

More campaign fodder for Walker…

2 months ago

Shouldn’t this tell the idiots in d.c. that electric vehicles are NOT the best idea? Where are all these busses supposed to charge up? It will put such a strain on our power grid, it will shut down, and then what? And it takes oil by products to create the ev’s! But—- as the saying goes” stupid is as stupid does” and the demonrats are stupid!!!!!