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Doctor Anthony Fauci’s flip-flopping regarding his advice on the Coronavirus has become infamous. The country’s top immunologist has repeatedly moved the goalpost in regard to when Americans can expect a semblance of normalcy and now that the Delta variant has taken the country by storm Dr. Fauci says it’ll be even longer before people can expect to ditch the masks.

During an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Dr. Fauci nonchalantly said “my bad” when discussing the possible timeline Americans could expect to finally get some good news.

The Daily Wire reports:

“Anderson, I have to apologize. When I listened to the tape, I meant to say the spring of 2022, so I did misspeak,” he said. “I didn’t mean the fall — I misspoke. My bad.”

Fauci added that if “the overwhelming majority of the 90 million people who have not been vaccinated” get jabbed, “I hope we can get some good control in the spring of 2022.”

“But again, there’s a big caveat there — this is a very wily virus,” Fauci, once again couching his numbers by saying it could all change again.

“We thought we were going to have that degree of freedom as we got into the fourth of July and the summer. And then along comes a sucker punch with the Delta variant which is extraordinary in its ability to spread from person to person,” he said. “So we hope we’ll be there at the time frame I mentioned, correctly being the spring of 2022, but there’s no guarantee because it’s up to us.”

On Monday, the FDA approved the Pfizer vaccine for non-emergency use. The move is expected to spur more vaccinations across the country and also more vaccine mandates.


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