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We’re tracking all the figures driving the nation, here’s what’s happening:

Dem Rep paid big bucks for private security but wants to defund police, Georgia announces voter rolls, Climate Czar Kerry’s family jet burns up carbon emissions, Newsom’s recall poll numbers look grim for California governor, and more.

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  1. America is loaded with liars. Hope all you liars having a good time because, in the end, you may have to answer to the man above

    1. God is not the man above, He is God to say man above is blasphemous, He created man, he is Not a man, He God.

    2. Not may have to, WILL have to!! How can there be so many evil mindless so called humans on this planet and a lot in the US? Where is the patriotism; no matter what, where is the belief in
      The Lord; no matter what? WAKE UP!

      1. 👍 EXTREMELY “Lost It’s Way”, SICK Country, madpatriot. In an even Sicker World.
        Aaaaaall working up to The End.
        Hallelujah! God WINS!!!

    1. LOVE IT, CA!!! But can we call THEM the Demonrat Party? It’s just SO PERFECT!!!
      A more Sordid, EVIL lot of Venomous Vermin ya’ can’t even Imagine.

  2. I can make a poll give you any results you want simply by targeting a demographic that is pro or con on the question. This is a Fake News story designed to turn off Trump supporters.

  3. I think you’re part of the problemganda and I’m considering unsubscribing from your dumping you from my email list.

  4. I know the polls tend to lean left to discourage us on the right. But, I do have to say that I’m not 100% sure that if President Trump ran again in 2024 that he would win. Don’t give me wrong. I loved his 4 years in office and voted for him in 2020. Unfortunately, because of the cheating he lost. But, I fear he might not win in 2024. The media would go crazy, and I fear the votes against the President just so he wouldn’t win. Some of that happened in 2020. Personally, I’m behind Governor Desantis. He’s young, fresh and can stand up to the media and Washington.
    Many in our party would not support the President running again. Ok, I’m fine if you give me the thumbs down. But many of you know what I’m saying.

    1. I agree Wholeheartedly. Trump, though I’ve backed him at Every step, is NOT the Answer.
      But then I’d take ANY Answer, Satan himself, over ANY Dem.

      1. I disagree….I think Trump IS the answer…but it depends on what the question is…I know some people have a problem with his larger than life personality…so how much will that effect his winning the election…don’t know….I think the perfect “dream team” would be Trump and DeSantis….Trump could bring his experience with foreign leaders etc. and DeSantis could bring his young…fresh fighting spirit and position himself for future elections. But I’m like Dynamicdave….”l’m playing it by ear”…..and we have to get through this mess first with hopefully something left of the country we know and love….

  5. Don’t believe it at all. Your polls are always skewed to get the results you want. Can’t trust you at all.

  6. After his performance in 2020, this useless RINO is just trying to hold onto his job. Hopefully Georgian voter’s memories aren’t that short. I know mineisn’t.

  7. I am so tired and disappointed in the IDIOTS WHO KEEP THE FAKE NEWS ROLLING ON FOREVER! Just. S T O P. I T. NOW! OMG!!

    Is this what our Nation has become? Everyone trying to “OUT DO THE FAKE NEWS” to get in the spotlight?? It’s just demoralizing and very disappointing and anyone who let’s the IDIOT FAKE NEWS JERKS run their lives need to go take a good hard look at yourself! Why? Because you are being conned by a bunch of amateurs who think saying lies is okay. IT IS NOT!

    The only people the FAKE NEWSERS are hurting is THEMSELVES! Don’t fall for their crap! Ignore their lunacy!! And for the Love of God, push the FAKE NEWSERS into the trash where they actually belong — with all the other rubbish including the crap about the Covid variants and wearing masks, etc…yep, MORE FAKE NEWS PRESENTED BY THE BIGGEST FAKERS OF ALL,

    Awwwww…now that already feels better!

  8. This is clearly a fake poll of equally fake news. Even my Democrat neighbors recognize this truth.


  10. All in for the real president, president Trump. I hope Desantis stays governor for one more term , then wins 2028 – 2032. Twelve years of sanity. That would give us time to get rid of CRT, stop the LGBTQ , transgender movements from indoctrination of our children. If you want to be a homosexual as a adult, that is your right . Also stop socialism, marxis communism, in this country . If we don’t you better learn Chinese

    1. Absolutely LOVE IT!
      Just LOOK at What we’ve become!!!
      Then try to hold your supper down.
      A Human T-R-A-G-E-D-Y unfolding.

  11. Yeah? What voters? The usual sample of over-represented Democrats and under-represented Republicans as is usually the case?

  12. Where do you get these anti Trump polls? Here in Arkansas, people look to him as the only hope we’ve got left. But the censorship of Trump and conservatives via Facebook, twitter, etc is not acceptable and must be changed.

  13. What a crock of shit on the Trump info. President Trump still has the people behind him no matter what these DUMB ASS MF say. Get a F***ING life AAN you LYINGFAKE NEWS MFs!

  14. What utter rubbish! 81% of Americans voted for President Trump, the most successful President in American history. People are fed up with polls

    1. And even MORE fed up with the Whole CHEATING SCUMBAG, TOTALLY CORRUPT DEMONRAT Party.
      The Time for SERIOUS ACTION is Upon Us!!!!!!!!!!

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