Kashyap Patel, or Kash, is a major part of the last line of defense protecting the conservative platform. We’re branded conspiracy theorists, dangerous extremists, and even “violent” for simply stating that our elections should be secure or that students shouldn’t be taught to hate their country. Republicans are de-platformed daily for reporting confirmed factual information on current events. Just yesterday, Allie Beth Stuckey was blocked on Twitter for a completely innocuous tweet. Many are fleeing to other forms of social media. But Kash is fighting back.

Kash, a previous second in command to the Secretary of Defense and a 16-year national security professional, has investigated foreign and domestic threats through many administrations including Barack Obama’s. He entered the public eye, however, when Adam Schiff, in Kash’s words, “stabbed me in the face repeatedly.” Schiff leaked Kash’s name and information to the media in an effort to destroy his career when Kash exposed the infamous Steele Dossier and thwarted a left-wing attempt to impeach President Donald Trump.

When I asked him about his investigation into the dossier, he said that he began with this mindset: “If I find out the dossier is true, and there were meetings and collusion, we’re putting that out. I didn’t know Trump, never talked to him, we had no relationship, that’s part of why they hired me.” Despite this, CNN, the New York Times, and Politico painted Kash as a “henchman for Donald Trump.” They even went as far as to push a baseless claim that Kash was leaking information to Ukraine with no evidence. Schiff continued to leak classified information to these key media outlets who lapped it up like dogs. When his family began to suffer, Kash had had enough.

“It got to a point where I said, okay, we’re going on offense.”

Kash is taking the media machine to court to set the record straight. He says that these key outlets have lost their journalistic integrity and all the media monster cares about is their ability to influence politicians on the left. What’s worse is that now “they are the ones defining how the administration defends this country.”

“It’d be nice to restore some integrity in the media but I know that would be asking too much”

“The mission is to help as many people as we can”

After Twitter blocked his posts and refused to shut down an impersonator, who violated their policies and slandered Kash’s name, big tech is now also under the gun. If he wins these cases, that would set a very powerful precedent for free speech. “It will show the world that the mainstream media pushed a fantasy and got caught.”

This is without question one of the most important fights of our time.


  1. Taking on Big Tech:
    Class action suits
    Join AFI suit
    ID board members.
    Change platforms
    Try GETTR.

  2. If the concept of capitalism has one virtue, it’s that someone will find a niche to fulfill demand. Look at Patreon? They took up the slack when You Tube and other social media webpages started censoring en masse. I imagine there are other folks who’ll use their ingenuity to capitalize on the demand for internet free speech. One thing’s for sure, we don’t want the government to come in and nationalize the internet.

  3. Impeachment time,Violating his Oath of Office… No more nuts, no more democrats, time to clean house.
    Wanted for crimes against the United States, those who allowed invasion of our southern borders, against the laws of the United States, Wanted also those involved in transporting illegal aliens around the United States by plane, bus or other commercial carriers, against established State and Federal laws, Wanted those involved in the spread of the covid virus through out the United States in Lew of International laws, ignoring Home land security safety laws an National CDC prevention laws to protect against the spread of the any virus ,Wanted those who appropriated an allowed misuse of government funds not authorized by congress to help spread any virus with the infected illegal aliens, within the United States, against all established laws. Any one involved in these unlawful activities are subject to criminal charges not only now, but in the future .Pelosi an Biden two political hacks, Pelosi now thinks she runs the House and also Senate, Biden thinks he is also Governor of Texas, are they now trying to form their own government? Sorry, you two old farts, you have lost your minds, they know the house will be republican soon, ,the investigations will begin, the corruption of both will be well known to all. The Democrat party will become lost in time, just as their KKK was lost in time for democrat history. Both are in so far over their mental capabilities, IQ levels any cognitive control screens. Most Biden executive orders are illegal, most Pelosi edicts are worthless, just like most of San Francisco has become desolate to real Americans. There are so many law suits against the Biden administration he has to hire more and more lawyers at the tax payor’s expense ,what a way to govern, Biden follies will continue right up till he is impeached or resigns, The Biden covid border invasion continues up until Americans begin to die, criminal charges will be pending.

    1. First of all, you’d have to control the house to issue articles of impeachment. Then it’s tried in the senate to a super majority. Politically speaking, this is an unrealistic endeavor. Much like the Trump impeachment, the democrats just wasted their time and money. Or rather our time and money.

      1. That’s why we Americans must get out and Vote these Socialist people out of office starting in 2022 and get our Country back.

        1. Will the bureaucracy, most the unionized Democrat election workers, who are given preference in government hiring, allow the real votes to be counted? Is it already too late?
          If we get back our freedom, we need to fire all of the senior government management, which was corrupted by Obama.

        2. As long as you have the dominion voting machines, yours and millions of other American’s vote does not count.
          “It is not who votes, it is who counts the votes” .
          Joseph Stalin

  4. The leftists are creating a divide in our society that cannot be negotiated away. They have gone too far and only misery will follow!

  5. My husband just pointed out that the 2 stooges in our government are not nearly as amusing as the 3 original stooges. I can’t figure who is Curly Who is Moe and who is trying to be Larry. This is a train wreck and we are paying the price!

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