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Liberal billionaire George Soros is still pushing his far-left agenda by pumping $200,000 into Ramin Fatehi’s campaign. Fatehi is a far-left state and federal prosecutor running to become the Norfolk, Virginia commonwealth’s attorney. Soro’s new “chosen one” is now the only candidate on the ballot after beating out two challengers in the Democrat primary in early June.

Soros quietly gave $157,000 from his Justice & Public Safety PAC and another $41, 500 from his Democracy PAC

Fox News reports:

Fatehi is the latest in a string of prosecutor candidates Soros has backed to reshape the Virginia criminal justice system. In 2019, Soros provided a significant cash infusion to three winning progressive candidates, Parisa Dehghani-Tafti in Arlington County (nearly $1 million from Soros); Buta Biberaj in Loudon County ($850,000 from Soros); and Steve Descano in Fairfax County ($600,000 from Soros). Soros also pushed $5,000 to Jim Hingeley in Albemarle County. However, unlike the other areas, most of that race’s funds did not come from Soros, but rather Sonjia Smith, a Democratic megadonor in Virginia politics.

Soros views prosecutors, who decide what crimes to prosecute and let slide, as a significant component of overhauling the criminal justice system. For years he has funded far-left prosecutor candidates in multiple areas, including Larry Krasner in Philadelphia, Kim Foxx in Chicago, and Kim Gardner in St. Louis. His cash frequently boosts the furthest left candidates running in Democratic primaries.

Fatehi favors lax enforcement and views crime as a “symptom of structural racism.” According to his campaign website, Fatehi supports decriminalizing and legalizing marijuana possession, abolishing cash bail, abolishing the jury trial penalty, and making the system honor “the principle that Black Lives Matter.”

“The old-fashioned view about public safety was not taking into account externalities,” Fatehi told The Appeal. “It was focused on the idea of crime as an evil unto itself. Where I part ways is in recognizing that crime is a symptom. It’s a symptom of structural racism, of systematic community disinvestment, of redlining, unequal school policy, the lack of jobs, lack of transportation, a lack of opportunities, intergenerational barriers to wealth building, the disinvestment in the treatment of the mentally ill – all of these things are really what produced the symptoms, but then we as prosecutors are charged with essentially trying to deal with it, and then are blamed also when they perhaps increase or decrease.”


  1. Hate to sound jaded here, but are we even surprised anymore when we hear Sor-ass is supporting liberal politicians with his ill-gotten, war crimes money? The guy should have been prosecuted for his crimes years ago and summarily shot. Even now he could/should be deported to Hungary where they’d love to get their hands on him!

  2. When is some pro American FBI agent going to put an end to this sorry piece of sociualist trash, George Soros? At least one European country that I know of has kicked the bastard out, with a promise of arrest if he returns. Why hasn’t the US done the same? And if the politicians cannot or will not get rid of him, why can’t the military or the CIA? Are there ANY true Americans left in the American government???

  3. Fatehi is not smart enough or well educated enough to understand that what a person does by his own volition is his responsibility, and his alone. He is a deep-believing criminal socialist, of the old Soviet variety, who believes in collective guilt. That is, a criminal is NOT responsible for his crimes – society is responsible. This is exactly the same political philosophy that destroyed most of 20th Century Europe – twice over! Get rid of Fatehi, and get rid of Soros, a truly evil human being, who sold out his own people to the Nazis.

  4. George can throw all the money he wants at his socialist pawns. It’s the people that will vote them in, so if socialism is their choice, may they live in the bed they make.


  6. Such an evil man with one foot in the grave…one cannot understand why he does not realize that he stands now on the edge of the abyss and that he will never take it with him. One day he will meet the Creator of the Universe and he must answer for all his wicked deeds.

  7. He’s the white supremacist the left is always talking about…he’s doing more damage to POC then anyone in history

  8. George Soros is as close to the devil as you can get. We need another Un-American Activities Committee in Congress as we once had where be booted scums lie Soros out of our Republic.

  9. I simply don’t understand why, since Soros is hellbent on transforming America into a Communist totalitarian regime, why no one has taken him out? In particular, why isn’t the 2nd Amendment gun nuts, who are always strutting about, looking menacing, and claiming that their guns are for the purpose of keeping this a free land, doing what they boast of being able to do? Children are being indoctrinated in school as to Communism and homosexuality, the presidential election was blown out of the water through sheer fraud, Democrats are trying to pass laws that will do away with democracy in America. What, EXACTLY, are the gun nuts waiting for? If they won’t use their guns, the very least they can do is shut up and stop strutting around.

    1. The communist party has elected only two politicians in America out of tens of thousands. They are on city councils. Our party is limiting the right to vote. That’s not democracy. My 94 year old mother would not be able to vote given proposed laws. Example her signature does not match from two years ago. Going blind.

  10. Anone soros supports is not a good person. That idiot I would love to debate cause he is supporting a terrorist organization blm. He is in fact a terrorist and couldn’t solve a simple problem. This is how soros suppirts is people taht do what soros wants and that is the destruction of the USA. I wish we would get a president that would tag soros as a terrorist ans set the US govt against this nazi who needs to have all his wealth confiscated and hung along with his son.

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