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A new jobs report for May is showing even more bad news for the Biden Administration.

Though unemployment ticked down slightly, the economy added far fewer jobs than economists had predicted clocking in at a measly 559,000 jobs falling far short of the expected 650,000.

As Fox News reports:

Employers added 559,000 jobs in May, the Labor Department said Friday, missing the addition of 650,000 jobs that analysts surveyed by Refinitiv were expecting. April’s reading was revised higher by 12,000 to 278,000.

Despite the gains, the U.S. economy has 7.6 million, or 5%, fewer workers from its February 2020 pre-pandemic level.

“Only a few months ago we had expected to see several months’ worth of gains north of one million as the economy reopened, but labor supply is bouncing back much more slowly than demand,” said Paul Ashworth, chief U.S. economist at research firm Capital Economics.

The report underscores the weakness of the economic recovery under Joe Biden and may foreshadow a tumultuous and disappointing summer.


  1. The only Employers who are doing well are owned by Establishment Elites who support the corrupt Socialist Democrat Dictators.

    1. The Biden/Harris Administration’s public policies favor corporate elites (Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Warren Buffett, et al.), while harming small business across America, no question about it. The Biden/Harris policies are more extreme than Obama/Biden policies, which destroyed small businesses that accounted for 80 percent of American jobs pre-Obama. These are the facts, not vitriol. The increase in prices for gas and groceries disproportionately harms the poor and middle class, and we expect more of the same going forward. When the federal government pays people to remain idle, instead of productive contributors to society, the American economy will not gather steam and grow. Workplace participation in both the Obama and Biden eras is dismal. Say what you will about Donald Trump, but the Trump/Pence Administration had record lows in unemployment among Blacks, Hispanics and women and high workforce participation. Biden/Harris is rewarding benchwarmers and those who remain on the sidelines and also giving us an economy that drives up inflation, stagflation and gas and grocery prices instead. Read them and weep.

      1. The process of implementing Socialism has many facets, including academia. Young people can be convinced that only a huge, reactionary regime will respond to their ‘demands’ to make us equal, tolerant and non-aggressive. Welfare not only eroded the self-sufficient spirit of generations of Americans, it also compiled tens of thousands of voters who only see their government as the means to feed, house and provide them with other staple needs. The media is in on this process, and women in particular are being conditioned to believe that they have a ‘special’ relationship with our leaders. If those women would just view the disillusioned, decimated expressions on the faces of their counterparts in Russia, Venezuela, Cuba and other nations where this scheme was applied, they would tell that collection of demagogues in Washington to shove their ruse where the sun don’t shine.

  2. This is still a big monthly jobs increase by any metric. Don’t become like the MSM and spin lies at the expense of truth.

    1. I guess you’re OK with a slow recovery? I’m not. The number was considerably lower than expectations, so it’s not a lie to say it’s disappointing.

    2. Just what exactly are you trying to say? That the biden administration is doing a great job to improve our economy?

    3. If you believe what you wrote, you are either a demented liberal Democrat or you are as stupid as sin.

    4. really so you must be one of the people getting paid to be lazy. Just sayin.. The job opportunities suck period and have since the dems released the hoax covid and the many of, if not most of the american public, with thier tails in between thier legs followed, all scared. of course the schools and media/big tech lies all the time. schools used to encourage open critical thinking not anymore as that critical thinking scares the s..t out of these school admin and seriously ignorant professors.

  3. Just wait until his suffocating taxes kick in along with soaring energy prices. He is going to make Jimmy Carter look good.

    1. He met with Jimmy Carter, probably to get pointers on how to tank an economy and making America the laughing stock of the whole world

      1. Yes biden needs to go straight to a nursing for people who suffer from dementia And I know first hand signs of dementia we have family member who is in a home for it.
        There is NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING american about biden at all he is a racist radical bigot he cares more about the damn illegals than he does for the Americans he also is a racist radicL against our police dept refunding them is the most stupid assin irresponsible incompetent JACKASS of a president he just as bad as Carter if not worse f_____ing JACKASS..throw his ass in gitmo bay where he belongs

        1. Biden is CATHOLIC. everything south of the USA is CATHOLIC. Bideni is a traitor. The Vatican is a foreign, hostile NATION that is at perpetual undeclared war with the USA.

  4. I actually saw a clip of the ginger, mouthpiece for corrupt joe say that their jobs number this far are the best in history. I literally laughed hard.
    These idiots actually believe the lies they spew.

  5. Senile sleepy Joe Biden is “economically challenged!”

    A 12 year old running a Lemonade Stand is smarter than all his Democrat administration’s economic advisors!

  6. Biden is a failed crook, he failed period. He needs to go back and hide in his basement like a coward

  7. Biden is destroying America and the Economy he’s worst than obama biden sucks as president

  8. With things going as badly as they are, and with guarantee to get even worse for all of us, I always think of a farmer in Iowa being interviewed by none other than Martha Reditz from the great ABC network.
    He was a President Trump supporter in 2016. However, he just couldn’t vote for him again because he was so divisive, and, oh the mean rhetoric.
    Would love for ABC to go back and see how he’s feeling these days. As a farmer, he got bypassed for benefits as he was a WHITE GUY. LMAO

    1. My God, you should never call this idiot “A GUY”. This pansy wouldn’t qualify as a man in any universe. Calling him a man is like calling Joe Biden a president. You couldn’t be more wrong.

  9. The modern democrat party is in bed with the globalist communist party that has its tentacles on our freedom. Everyone knows that uncle joe did not win the election, but was installed illegally, completely against the American peoples will. I don’t care if your grandpa voted for democrats. This is not your grandpa’s democrat party. Please people, never vote for any democrat ever again. They will take our freedom. I hope it is not too late already.

  10. What is it going to take for government to realize Biden is a joke. We need Biden and Harris OUT. Put Trump back in he knows what our country needs. Biden is destroying our country.

  11. Biden has already destroyed too many jobs for the economy to ever come back to what President Trump had created. We have two more months of rehiring for the opening of the economies of the states that the Democrats have shut down, and still don’t want to fully reopen, but after these coming two months, then things will start to get really bad, into a recession that will last until Biden is out of the Presidency. That can be when the voter fraud has been exposed, proven, and the correct winner put in office, or until 2024 when President Trump will again, for the third time, actually win the Presidency.

  12. The administration, with cooperation from MSM, will just pretend that the economy is zipping along.

  13. Just before Covid became a household term, there was a massive stock market correction, which signaled an economic downturn (Or, more likely, big money investors reaping their profits. They also got a huge boost from government bailouts.) Trump had several issues to deal with, while foreign countries threatened America with a nuclear holocaust.

    Just another day in Globalist Washington.

    It’s time to get America out of these foreign entanglements, and achieve our goals of energy independence and national sovereignty. The more we can do without foreign products, particularly oil, the more our factories and workers can produce those products domestically. Trade is not a dirty word, but selling your own workers down the river by sending their jobs to foreign sweatshops is the worst form of Globalist Greed.

  14. Biden is a “walking dead” Corrupt UN-AMERICAN idiot. Anther obuma disaster. The left is so delusional and Trump was right on everything, as research is determining.

  15. If we compare the Biden Administration’s job market performance to that of their predecessor’s we can reach one of two conclusions… (a) The Biden Administration is completely incompetent, or (b) they are harming our economy and its workers intentionally.

  16. Yet employers mostly small are crying for workers BUT damn Biden taxes kill other jobs

  17. As long as people are getting paid to stay home, they will. Why work if the government is doling it out. States that have cut off the unemployment bonuses have seen a huge jump in hiring.

  18. Why would people go back to work when they can be paid more to stay home? Why else, along with voting Democrat, do you think Biden and the Democrats want more people here illegally; to fill the jobs able-bodied Americans won’t fill for now, only to find out when they finally exhaust their unemployment benefits, their jobs have been taken by illegals!

  19. The Biden Presidency started failing the very first day when he wrote Executive Order to cancel the XL Pipeline!!!

  20. Are all you folks out there, who voted for the present administration and put the progressive socialist Democrats in power, starting to realize just how destructive their brand of socialism is for the We, the People? Since January 20th of this year, we’ve been forced to give up our “energy independence” due to Biden’s* nixing the Keystone Pipeline and closing down drilling in the Anwar area of Alaska (meanwhile Biden* is green-lighting the Russian pipeline). This has resulted in the price of all consumer goods rising at a time when many of us can ill afford the price increases due to the financial disaster caused by the pandemic. Biden* and his administration are printing money like there’s no tomorrow to pay for their leftist agenda, which will result in the devaluation of our currency and then, folks, we end up in a massive depression, similar to what took place in the 1930s. And where do we place the blame for the upcoming calamity? On all the amadans who voted for the Biden*/Harris* ticket and all the criminals who aided in the stealth of the election. You certainly won’t be able to blame the “deplorables” ’cause we all voted for Trump.

  21. I’m weak in the eyes weak in the head likewise from sitting and looking on the Bidentelevision. Shut down the Keystone pipeline and talk about creating jobs, talk, talk, ta-aah-halk, he talks too much.

  22. I see job postings every day. I realize that some people may not want to work at sold these “menial” jobs but let’s get real. The government needs to stop paying people to sit on their derrières and let them go back to work. Maybe that way business owners won’t need to close down because they don’t have the help they need.

  23. People going back to their old jobs are not new jobs. How many new jobs will be lost because
    our two major auto makers decided to move new plants to Mexico after Biden’s “election”?

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