The media narrative surrounding Donald Trump is that he’s fading in the polls and that he will soon be passed up by another candidate. But according to polling in early states South Carolina and Nevada, Trump is doing just fine.

A CNN poll out of South Carolina has Trump at 36% with Ben Carson a distant second at 18%. No one else hit double digits in the Palmetto State.

Another CNN poll out of Nevada has Trump at 38% with Carson at 22%. Trump has numerous business dealings in Las Vegas and has many connections in that state.

Trump’s dominance even extended to the issue questions. On every issue from the economy to foreign policy, Trump dominated his rivals. He was even rated the most likely to win the general election.

The only issue question where Trump lost in either state was on social issues in South Carolina. That state picked Carson as the most likely to do the best on that question.

Meanwhile, Trump continues to lead his rivals in national polling and in every state. Three polls done by Fox, YouGov, and Morning Consult show Trump in the lead by anywhere from a single point over Carson to up to over 14 points. Trump is also beginning to trend upward again according to Huffington Post’s Pollster.

The early polling shows that Trump is not the flash in the pan that many pundits thought he would be. The summer of Trump is quickly giving way to the autumn of Trump. Republican voters are clearly prefer outsiders like Trump and Carson as opposed to more establishment oriented politicians such as Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio.

Whether Trump will continue to maintain his lead until Iowa votes in February is unknown, but it would not be wise to count him out.

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