Home Videos WATCH: Celebrity Announces Presidential Campaign

WATCH: Celebrity Announces Presidential Campaign

Amanda Head dives headfirst into the news that former Trump-supporting hip-hop mogul Kanye West has announced he's running for president, despite several glaring problems.

Who do you think Kanye would take more votes away from, Joe Biden or Donald Trump? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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Gerald S Ladd
30 days ago

My comment won’t show. The communist style moderator is checking it.

30 days ago
Reply to  Gerald S Ladd

My comment won’t show. The communist style moderator is checking it…….www.earningscoop.com

30 days ago

Well one thing is for sure Kanye West would be by far better than sleepy Joe Biden. Like Trump he is already wealthy and really does not need the headaches or corrupt Democrats blaming him for everything that goes on. One thing is for sure he would definitely call out stupid Joe for saying if you don’t vote for me you ain’t black. Kanye is a good man and loves his country vs Joe who sometimes isn’t sure I what country he lives! I would have sympathy for sleepy Joe but he is being used by the Democrats, family and wife who just wants to be the First Lady with all
the benefits/perks.
Proud Veteran & Patriot

29 days ago

Kanye West is, as far as I know, a decent human being. I do wish he would not run in 2020, because I believe he will only split the Republican vote-since he will be running as an Independent. And I don’t think he can win the election – November is only a few months away. And we really don’t need joe biden to win, especially not because the Republican vote was split….
And yes, Kanye West may take some votes from joe biden, but it’s really late to get in the Presidential race….

jack stone
jack stone
29 days ago

it is pointless to post any opinion that might “offend” the little baby commie “moderators” on this site !

A. D Roberts
29 days ago

For so long, I just ignored him as worthless. Then he claims to have become a Christian. So did Jane Fonda.
So did Donald Trump. Sorry. My opinion of him is still not to the point where I think he has the wisdom to run the country. Look at his WIFE.