Friday, August 7, 2020

Amanda Head Exposes the Dilemma the Supreme Court Left Conservatives In

Thursday's Supreme Court decisions have sent shockwaves reverberating across the country. While they present both Democrats and Republicans with opportunities, Amanda Head has an interesting take on President Trump's tax returns. The question is, do you agree?

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28 days ago

If Trump caves with his tax return, and there is nothing in it, they ask for something else. It’s endless.

cheryl D.
27 days ago
Reply to  fabian

IMO, Trump has let this go on, just to stay in their heads. I don’t think there is anything negative in them. Especially, after the extensive IRS investigation into them.

Barry G
Barry G
27 days ago

You got it; grasping at straws.

Retired Marine
Retired Marine
27 days ago

I don’t want MY tax returns made public, the President has been AUDITED EVERY YEAR BY THE IRS. If a discrepancy existed it would have been reported long and long ago. Democrats, your fishing in a dead water pool. I would like to see each and every DEMOCRAT tax return, I guarantee THAT would open some eyes. These crooked bastards have much to hide, but always shift THEIR crimes to someone else. The entire demoncrat party isn’t worth a damn, and they don’t even have the grit to call themselves what they TRUELY are COMMUNISTS and enemies of the United States.