Thursday, August 6, 2020

Amanda Head Explains the History Behind the French and American Revolutions

Enlightenment ideas inspired the patriots behind the American and French revolutions. Amanda Head explains how both America and France achieved liberty through a shared vision of a better world. In the process, she casually drops the sickest burn ever on Hillary Clinton.

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22 days ago

I’d like to add that the Founders of the American Revolution based our system on Western Civilization Judaeo-Christian principles. On the other hand, the radical Jacobins based their French Revolution on socialist concepts and a rejection of the Christian church.

Hal Howell
Hal Howell
22 days ago

The French Revolution and it’s leaders were not concerned with individual rights but the “Rights of Man” and were godless whereas Many of the Founding Fathers were Christians. The godless French has no concept of mercy or equal justice. They murdered hundreds of people, many just for even the appearance of being an aristocrat. Very bloody! Ours fought a war but once it was over, it was over! Not like ours at all!