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In a media blitz last week, Rep. Nancy Mace (R-S.C.) emphasized that although she opposed President Trump’s impeachment, his post-election behavior has caused her to lose faith in his leadership:

Mace prominently supported Trump before that. In the video above, the Charleston-based Republican denounced the disproven and discredited QAnon conspiracy theory movement.

Mace narrowly defeated Democrat incumbent Joe Cunningham to represent South Carolina’s 1st Congressional District in November.

Fox News further reports:

Mace broke from many GOP colleagues in her opposition to Republican efforts to overturn the election results before the riot at the Capitol, saying Congress lacked the authority to do so.

Trump repeatedly and falsely claimed over the past two months he had won reelection “in a landslide,” arguing massive fraud in battleground states he narrowly lost. He also pressured Vice President Mike Pence to reject electors he believed were fraudulently chosen. On Jan. 6, a mob of his supporters departed a rally where Trump spoke about his push to fight the election results and stormed the Capitol as lawmakers met to certify President-elect Joe Biden’s Electoral College victory. The deadly melee that ensued resulted in five deaths and scores of arrests.

“I think the principles and ideas that he espoused are things we’re going to have to champion in the future but without his support, his brand or his name,” Mace said. “It’s tarnished. I don’t know how you defend what happened last week by any means.”

Trump released a statement to Fox News on Wednesday calling for “no violence” during the transition to Biden and urged alll Americans to help “ease tensions and calm tempers.”

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E. McGuire
E. McGuire
1 month ago

I will always stand for and with my President Donald Trump!