Portland Bureau of Transportation via Flickr

Portland, Oregon ABC affiliate KATU reported an Antifa member punched Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler (D) while he attempted to eat dinner with an unidentified woman at an upscale restaurant in the city’s Nob Hill neighborhood.


Besides the alleged assault, the mayor endured being verbally accosted. The incident occurred at 8:30 pm (PT) Wednesday. The punch was not caught on video.

Townhall’s Bronson Stocking reports:

“You are going to be made to feel like the scum you are,” one of the protesters shouts. “F*ck you, f*ck you, shame on you.”

The alleged attack occurred just days after Mayor Wheeler slammed Antifa and said he was ready, finally, to “push back” against those who are “set on destroying our community.”

In August, a Trump supporter was shot and killed by an Antifa activist. And for months, Antifa supporters attacked the Hatfield Courthouse in Portland and dozens of officers were injured in the nightly riots. The violence was largely ignored by Democrats and the media.

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docdave pfeifer
docdave pfeifer
7 hours ago

twitter id now the judge of free speech! ist amendment violations are not afforded to private companies but twitter has done it to the president and top aides . showing bias and discrimaination against republicans and truth all conservatives should be offended and remove their accounts at once.

Elizabeth Davis
Elizabeth Davis
4 hours ago

who’s next I was just censored by Western Journal for speaking the truth .

3 hours ago

So what did the mayor do, hit him with his purse?