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Data analyst Matthew Braynard is an expert on political demographics. As we reported Friday, Braynard has spearheaded an investigation to substantiate allegations of voter fraud before the General Services Administration officially ascertains the winner of the 2020 presidential election.

To that end, Braynard has established the Voter Integrity Fund, comprised of well-trained and dedicated staff to investigate any discrepancies. He emphasizes the results of phone surveys with voters in six battleground states who requested absentee ballots in the clip below:

“Among the people who got a ballot that did not request it [a prerequisite for any absentee ballot request except in certain circumstances] across these six states, the percentage of people who told us they didn’t request it ranges from 18% all the way up to 44%.”

Curious as to what state 44% of respondents in Braynard’s survey claim they got a ballot even though they didn’t request it? Arizona. Biden is currently the projected winner of the Grand Canyon State with a 10,457 vote lead.

There are more startling figures, according to Braynard, who pivots to people who say they returned a ballot only to never have it count. Braynard says they “range from a low of 20% [of estimated voters] in Wisconsin to all the way up to half the people in Arizona.”

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