Photo: LA(Phot) Simmo Simpson/MOD via Wikimedia Commons

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson won his election courtesy of the same wave of right-wing populism that propelled President Donald Trump to the White House. While the two men’s relationship started friendly, it has since cooled.

Despite the General Services Administration (GSA) having neither certified Joe Biden nor Donald Trump winner of the presidential election, Johnson referred to Biden as the president-elect in parliament:

Johnson described his “refreshing” conservation with Biden, stating, “We agreed on the need … for the United Kingdom and United States … to stand together,” emphasizing the importance, in his opinion, for both nations to contribute to the fight against climate change.

But for members of the far-left Labour Party, the Tory prime minister’s effusive praise for U.S. Democrats wasn’t sufficient. During question time, MP Angela Eagle asked Johnson if he had any advice for his “erstwhile best friend,” aka President Trump for his “continuing refusal to accept the result.”

Johnson said that he had and has “a good relationship with the previous president.” Still, he added that he was “delighted to find the many areas in which the incoming Biden-Harris administration is able to make common cause with us. In particular, it was extremely exciting to talk to President-elect Biden about what he wants to do with the COP26 summit next year.”

COP26 refers to next year’s UN Climate Change Conference intended to drive down carbon emissions.

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